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Domestic Violence

NSW Police Under Investigation Over Delayed Response to Domestic Violence Report

Australian Femicide Watch has reported that another woman has been murdered at the hands of her male partner, making her the 47th female to be killed in the nation as a result of domestic violence offending this year alone, the...

NSW Crackdown on Domestic Violence: Police Blitzes and Bail Reforms

More than 550 people described by police as the state’s ‘most high risk domestic violence offenders’ have been arrested and charged with a total of 1,070 offences during in a four day police operation across New South Wales that ran...

Higher Bail Threshold and Monitoring Devices Proposed for Alleged Domestic Violence Offending

The New South Wales government’s latest response to the epidemic of domestic violence across the state is to make it harder for those charged with domestic violence offences to achieve bail and to require monitoring devices to be worn by...

Domestic Violence Offences Plague Indigenous Communities Across Australia

By Emma Starr Domestic violence offences are at epidemic levels across Australia, impacting individuals and families in all communities. But when it comes to Indigenous communities, the prevalence of domestic violence offending is especially alarming. According to a report by...

A Tale of Two Failed Approaches to Violence: That Toward Women and Terrorism

The fear of terrorism offences has played a prominent role in the Australian psyche since the early 2000s. And a complicated set of laws has since been enacted to combat a particular type of crime, and this bipartisan project has...

Australian Governments Promise to Crackdown on Domestic Violence Offences

Welcome, Anthony Albanese, to the ‘national crisis’ of domestic violence offences predominantly - but certainly not always - committed by men against women. In response to thousands of women, men and children rallying over the weekend against the epidemic of...

Victoria Set to Introduce Discrete Criminal Offence of Non-Fatal Strangulation

Victoria is set to strengthen criminal laws against domestic violence by making non-fatal strangulation a discrete offence. The new laws will bring Victoria into line with other states, including New South Wales, the Act and Queensland. The impetus for the...

What Happens If a Domestic Violence Complainant Fails to Attend Court?

Criminal defence lawyers are often asked what will happen if the complainant - also known as the alleged victim - in a case involving accusations of domestic violence fails to attend the Local Court on the ‘hearing date’, which is...

NSW Police Propose ‘Domestic Violence Diary’ App for Complainants to Record and Log Abuse

The NSW Police Force has recently unveiled an app they say is designed to assist victims to combat domestic violence by recording and logging alleged abuse, but there are concerns about whether this would make any real difference as well...

UK Proposes Legal Defence for Domestic Violence Victims Who Harm or Kill Their Partners

The United Kingdom is considering sentencing reforms which would provide a legal defence to victims of domestic violence who harm or kill their perpetrators after being subjected to sustained abuse.  UK review The proposal comes in the wake of an...
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