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Commonwealth Offences

Is Doxxing a Criminal Offence In Australia?

The Albanese government is  proposing a new criminal offences for ‘doxxing’, after chat logs of a pro-Israeli WhatsApp group in Australia were released online last week. The details were leaked by pro-Palestinian activists who were documenting the involvement of prominent...

Is Entrapment a Defence to Criminal Charges in Australia?

The Guardian Australia recently reported a shocking case whereby counter-terrorism police encouraged an autistic 13-year-old boy in Victoria to engage in terrorism offences he would unlikely have otherwise committed. The revelations came to light in the wake of a Victorian...

Is Vaping a Criminal Offence in New South Wales?

Australian laws that apply to e-cigarettes, commonly known as ‘vapes’, have undergone significant change in recent times, leaving users understandably confused about whether their favourite habit is still legal in the country. And while it’s true the regulation of vapes...

Criminal Offences Relating to Terrorist Organisations, Declared Areas and Foreign Fighting

Federal Attorney- General Mark Dreyfus informed the public during a press conference on 28 December 2023 that two Australian citizens were killed during an air strike in Southern Lebanon the previous night. The nation’s chief lawyer added that the listed...

The Criminal Offence of Threatening Serious Harm Over the Internet

A United Staes man has been arrested in conjunction with the Wieambilla shootings last year, during which two police officers and four Queenslanders died.  Donald Day Jr was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Intelligence in Arizona on 1 December...

Fraud Offences in Australia

The term fraud generally refers to conduct whereby a person or company gains a benefit for themselves or causes a detriment to another person or company through conduct that is dishonest and/or deceptive. In the context of the Australian criminal...

The Offence of Reckless Foreign Interference in Australia

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A Sydney businessman accused of unlawfully selling information to Chinese spies has vehemently denied the allegations and is vowing to defend the charges. 55-year old Bondi marketing director, Alexander Csergo, was charged earlier this year with one count of reckless...

Israel’s Right to Self Defence Does Not Extend to Genocide

Standing next to Australian prime minister Anthony Albanese in the White House Rose Garden on 25 October, US president Joe Biden reiterated that “Israel has the right, and I would add responsibility” to “defend itself against these terrorists”.  By “terrorists”...

Sextortion Spikes and Young Men are the Main Targets

The criminal offence of sextortion has been on the rise in Australia over the past several years, but the latest figures released by the eSafety Commissioner show a staggering rise in reports since the start of 2023, with complaints nearly...

Criminal Offences Relating to the Use of False Information to Take a Flight

If a friend or family member has booked a flight but can no longer go, could you use their ticket and take the trip instead? The short answer is, only if the ticket is changed by legitimate means into your...
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