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Commonwealth Offences

What is a ‘Conspiracy’ in the Commonwealth Criminal Law?

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
A Sydney man accused of serious drug offences is on the run from the police after allegedly disabling his ankle monitor while on bail. Northern Beaches restauranter Mostafa Baluch is alleged to have financed a major cocaine importation syndicate. He...

What is a Recognizance Release Order?

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
A former teacher at one of Sydney’s most elite private schools has been sentenced in court for sending sexual messages to a person he believed was a 13-year old girl. While 40-year Alexander Simpson didn’t know it at the time,...

Fortress Australia Now Includes the Turning Back of Citizens as Illegal Flight Entries

by Paul Gregoire
Nations globally have closed borders with India due to the intensity of the second wave of COVID-19 sweeping the country. However, Australia stands alone in the extreme ban it’s implemented, as not only has it blocked entry to noncitizens, but...

The Offence of Using a Phone or Internet Service to Make a Threat in Australia

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
A controversial plan to build a restaurant and bar on the sand at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach has attracted it’s fair share of criticism since the plan was first revealed last year. New South Wales Planning Minister Rob Stokes has...

The Offence of Contravening a Human Biosecurity Emergency Requirement or Direction

by Ugur Nedim
Since COVID-19 landed on our shores in early 2020, a range of orders and determinations have been issued by state, territory and federal governments which regulate Australian residents, ostensibly to limit the spread of the virus. In New South Wales,...

Government Criminalises Aussies Who Use Travel Bubble as a Stepping Stone

by Ugur Nedim
The Australia / New Zealand bilateral ‘travel bubble’ came into effect on 19 April 2021, enabling Australian residents to travel across the Tasman without having to obtain authorisation from the Australian government. But in a pre-emptive move to prevent citizens...

Tony Mokbel’s Drug Importation Charge Withdrawn

by Sonia Hickey
The fallout from the Lawyer X scandal continues in Victoria, with the Court of Appeal ordering a retrial for underworld kingpin Tony Mokbel despite him being acquitted last year. The back story Mr Mokbel was on bail during his jury...

The Offence of Human Trafficking in Australia

by Ugur Nedim & Sonia Hickey
In January this year, a 29-year old Australian from Lidcombe in Sydney became the first person to be convicted of human trafficking by coercing a person to leave Australia. It has been reported the man – whose name has been...

Sydney Man Charged with Slavery Offences

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
A Sydney man has faced court over charges of possessing a slave, reducing a person to slavery and causing a person to enter into or remain in servitude. The offences are alleged to have occurred between June 2013 and July...

What is a Control Order Under the Criminal Code Act 1995?

by Sonia Hickey
A Sydney man has been arrested and charged with three counts of contravening a control order issued by the Federal Court of Australia. 25-year old Radwan Dakkak pleaded guilty in December 2020 to two counts of associating with a terrorist...
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