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Drug Manufacture

What are the Penalties for Prohibited Drug Offences in New South Wales?

by Ugur Nedim
The main piece of legislation in New South Wales which facilitates the prohibition of drugs is the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (‘the Act’). The main criminal offences contained in the Act are divided into two parts: Summary offences...

Lawyers Call For Drug Law Reform: An Interview With ALA’s Greg Barns

by Paul Gregoire
“The war on drugs has failed” is a common catchphrase these days. Ever-increasing numbers within the community are coming to realise that the great edifice of heavily enforced drug prohibition is more destructive on a societal and individual level than...

Drug Supply Prohibition Orders: Targeting Those Who Have ‘Served Their Time’

by Paul Gregoire & Ugur Nedim
The Berejiklian government has introduced a bill that establishes a pilot scheme that allows NSW police to place those who have been convicted of drug supply or drug manufacture under enhanced surveillance after they’ve served their sentences. Introduced on 20...

NSW Police Detectives Accused of Illegally Manufacturing Prohibited Drugs

by Paul Gregoire
Detectives from the NSW Drug Squad were raided early last week, according to News Corp. This was in relation to allegations that members of the squad had formed their own drug syndicate, which was manufacturing illicit substances to use to...

No Conviction for Cannabis Oil Manufacture and Supply: An Interview With Cannabis Healer Jenny Hallam

by Paul Gregoire
Finally, after three years, Jenny Hallam’s ordeal with the authorities is over. And thankfully, rather than facing any prison time, last Thursday, SA District Court Judge Rauf Soulio recorded no conviction against her name and imposed a two year good...

A Crime of Compassion: An Interview With Green Light’s Nicholas Morley

by Paul Gregoire
Against the backdrop of the ACT having just passed laws to legalise cannabis use, and the pending three year anniversary of the government’s highly derided cannabis medicine licensing scheme, comes a documentary that deals with the reality of medicinal cannabis...

Canberra Has Turned Its Back on Medicinal Cannabis Patients

by Paul Gregoire
In May 2014, Barnaby Joyce spoke out in support of legalising cannabis medicine: a campaign fronted by a young patient named Dan Haslam. And two years later, the Nationals MP helped open the nation’s first medicinal cannabis farm in memory...

Police Raid on Nimbin Hemp Embassy: Little More Than a Show of Strength

by Paul Gregoire
Stores in California will open at 2am AEST tomorrow morning. And some of the shoppers living in the fifth largest economy in the world will buy legal cannabis to smoke. Meanwhile, there will be other Californians at home, tending to...

A Healer, Not a Dealer: Jenny Hallam Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges

by Paul Gregoire
When the Turnbull government passed an amendment bill in February 2016 that legalised “the cultivation and production of cannabis and cannabis resin for medicinal and scientific purposes”, it was an admission that medicinal cannabis is a valid treatment that patients use....

Courts Are Becoming Sympathetic to the Cause of Medicinal Cannabis

by Paul Gregoire & Ugur Nedim
It’s estimated that around 100,000 patients are using cannabis medicines across the country. And even though the federal government legalising medicinal cannabis close to three years ago, most of these patients are forced to access their medicine on the black market. Despite...
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