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Contempt of Court

Judge Threatens Peter Dutton With Contempt of Court Charges

Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has again shown that he feels he is above the law, causing long delays in an immigration case which involves a protection visa for an Iranian man. Visa application in court A Federal Court...

Do I have to attend the court if subpoenaed?

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A subpoena is a court order to attend court, produce documents or both. Although it is normally prepared and filed by the defence or prosecution in criminal proceedings, it is important to be aware that the failure to comply can...

Politicians Should be Allowed to Criticise Judges, Argues Former High Court Justice

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Former High Court Justice Dyson Heydon has written a searing critique of a hearing last year in the Victorian Court of Appeal (VCA), which determined whether to prosecute three federal ministers for contempt of court after they criticised the Victorian...

High Court Rules that Police Interview is Inadmissible

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Richard Filihia was armed with a bowie knife when he entered a brothel on the night of October 24 2012. He stabbed the establishment’s receptionist Brian Gaudry, before fleeing with the cash he’d taken from the man’s back pocket. The receptionist...

Journalist Faces Contempt of Court Charge

A young Sydney journalist who ignored publishing protocols and caused a murder trial to be aborted has had her case referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). Yahoo 7 reporter Krystal Johnson may face contempt of court charges after...
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