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Penalties for Criminal Offences

Is Sending an Unsolicited ‘Dick Pic’ a Crime in New South Wales?

Being a woman on the internet can be an unpleasant experience, particularly when pervy, socially incompetent men slide into your DMs. An unfortunate experience for many women is receiving unsolicited and unexpected pictures of male genitalia.  But does this common...

The Offence of Perverting the Course of Justice: History and Current Laws

Engaging in conduct which actually results in, or is intended to result in, justice not being achieved has always been treated seriously by the criminal justice system - historically attracting sentences as serious as death. In New South Wales, the...

Students from Prestigious Sydney School Suspected of Animal Cruelty

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Students at the prestigious Kings School in Sydney are being investigated by police over allegations they tortured and killed a goanna during a school camp at the end of last term.  The school has admitted that students killed the native...

The Shameful History Of Calling LGBT People “Groomers”

A recent trend in conservative politics, particularly online, involves accusing LGBT people of “grooming” children - either into a particular sexual identity or to facilitate abuse. A strange focal point for this politics has been drag queens, female impersonators (often...

The Offence of Possessing, Producing or Disseminating Bestiality or Animal Crush Material in NSW

A “crush fetish” is a paraphyllia in which sexual arousal is associated with observing objects being crushed or being crushed oneself.  A disturbing sub-variant of this fetish, known as “animal crush” involves sexual gratification derived from seeing the injurious or...

Can Consensual Choking for Sexual Pleasure Amount to a Criminal Offence in NSW?

Sexual choking is an increasingly common “kink” involving the squeezing of a partner’s neck during sexual activity.  This activity carries the risk of harming or even causing the death of the person upon whom the force is applied, especially if...

It’s Time to Reform Vaping Laws Through a “Harm Reduction Lens”

Right now, in NSW, an adult can buy some cigarettes at a shop and puff away to their ailing heart’s content. But if they’d prefer legal nicotine vaping liquid, a much healthier alternative, they need to obtain a doctor’s prescription....

Contract Killings: Arranging Murders for Vengeance, or Political, Social or Financial Gain

This article will discuss the evolution and use of a specific category of the offence of murder known as contract killings, also known as arranged or paid assassinations. We will take you through several examples of these offences throughout history, their...

The Historical Use of Bomb Threats and the Current Crime of Bomb Hoax in Australia

In this article we shall discuss the history of bomb hoaxes from earlier times including how governments also are not reticent from deploying such frightening tactics to serve their own aims. Further discussed is how this crime was particularly prevalent...

Former Rugby League Star Charged with Drug Possession

Former Manly Sea Eagles Player Brett Stewart has been arrested and charged with possession of a prohibited drug.  Northern Beaches Police have confirmed that Brett Stewart was arrested on suspicion if carrying cocaine in Manly on the Northern Beaches last...
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