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Driving Under the Influence

Legal Defences to Drink Driving and DUI Charges in New South Wales

If you have been charged with drink driving and are going to court, you will more likely than not feel a sense of apprehension, uncertainty and even distress. However, it is important to be aware that an experienced traffic lawyer...

Teen Sentenced to Imprisonment for Aggravated Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death

The teenage driver who caused the death of five friends when he crashed his ute into a tree while travelling at double the speed limit in Buxton in September 2022, has been sentenced to a full term of 12 years...

Which Driving Offences are Considered ‘Major Traffic Offences’ in New South Wales?

The Road Transport Act 2013 contains many of the most frequently prosecuted traffic offences in New South Wales, including drink driving, driving under the influence, drug driving, negligent, reckless, predatory, menacing driving, and driving in a dangerous matter. The maximum...

Charged with Drug Driving? Have a Cannabis Prescription? Speak to Former Magistrate David Heilpern

Former NSW Magistrate David Heilpern is on a mission. It entails bringing about substantial reforms to the unjust roadside drug testing regime that’s currently operated by NSW police and only being bolstered by the Berejiklian government. The first change Heilpern...

Low Range Drink Drivers to Face On-The-Spot Fines & Suspensions

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Low-range drink driving is where a driver has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05 to 0.79 millilitres per 210 litres of breath. The maximum penalty when it’s the driver’s first major traffic offence within 5 years is an ‘automatic’ licence...

Arresting Drivers for Using Cold and Flu Tablets Will Not Save Lives

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NSW roads minister Melinda Pavey has announced there will be an expansion of substances that can ‘influence’ drivers for the purpose of laws against driving under the influence (DUI). She has also announced a strategy designed to assess whether individuals...

New Road Laws: Tougher DUI Penalties, Targeting Phone Use and Cocaine Testing

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On 1 July, a series of new road safety laws will come into effect across New South Wales. The new laws will add cocaine to the list of drugs police test drivers for, significantly increase the penalties for driving under...

Unaccompanied L-Plater Charged with Driving Under the Influence

A learner-driver is facing multiple charges including driving under the influence and unaccompanied after being pulled over by police on the Northern Rivers. The story so far Police signalled 23-year old Mr Squires to pull over after allegedly seeing him...

Disqualified Drivers Can Now Apply to Get Their Licences Back

The Road Transport Amendment (Driver Licence Disqualification) Act came into effect on 28 October 2017, allowing certain disqualified drivers in NSW to apply to the local court for the removal of their disqualification periods. Who can apply? If you are...

The Law on Refusing a Breath Test or Analysis in NSW

Many jurisdictions, including NSW, have laws which make it a crime for drivers to refuse a breath test by police. The state of Kansas in the USA had similar laws in place - until recently. Last month, the Supreme Court...
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