Criminal Lawyers and Civil Libertarians Criticise Heavy-Handed Police

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Police officers on the street

Approximately 300 police in full riot gear set upon Islamic protesters with capsicum spray and police dogs shortly after the commencement of an initially-peaceful demonstration in Sydney on Saturday 15th September.

The demonstration was part of a wave of worldwide protests against the United States government’s refusal to use its ‘National Interest’ powers to remove a You-Tube video that is highly offensive to the Islamic Prophet Mohammed and the Muslim religion generally.

The video portrays the Prophet Mohammed as a paedophile and womaniser, and mocks the Koran, which is the Islamic Holy Book.

Muslims are outraged that the video has been allowed to remain on the internet when 100’s of websites and 1000’s of videos allegedly promoting ‘terrorism’ or ‘civil unrest’ have been censored and removed by the United States government.

A minority of protestors reacted to heavy-handed police tactics by throwing bottles and attacking police cars.

A ten news reporter observed that dozens of protesters who withdrew from the demonstration were nevertheless set upon by police, who attacked them in waves.

At least a dozen people were injured and 6 protesters arrested.

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Ugur Nedim

Ugur Nedim

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