Soi Dog Foundation and Monika’s Doggie Rescue: Helping Homeless Dogs

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Doggie rescue

It’s often said that dogs are man’s best friend – and all of us at Sydney Criminal Lawyers® certainly love our furry friends!

Unfortunately, not all dogs are lucky enough to have a happy home – for all kinds of reasons dogs find themselves on the street, in the pound or worse. Many unwanted dogs are left homeless and even abused both here in Australia and overseas.

Fortunately, there are some amazing charities that do a great job of taking care of dogs without a home.

Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand

The Soi Dog Foundation started when one dog, Tai Chi, was found lying in the gutter, nothing more than skin and bones. He was so weak that he couldn’t even stand up.

Fortunately, he was taken in and restored to health, and his plight inspired the Thai charity, which now rescues thousands of dogs every year, and also fights to end the cruel dog meat trade.

The mission statement is to “improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Thailand, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to end animal cruelty, and to ultimately create a society without homeless animals.”

To date, the Soi Dog Foundation has helped many thousands of dogs and cats, including treating animals with injuries, sheltering and re-homing street dogs and cats and neutering animals to prevent a large population of strays.

I was fortunate enough to see the great work that Soi Dog Foundation does during a recent visit to Thailand.

Monika’s Doggie Rescue in Sydney

Monika’s Doggie Rescue, located in Sydney, aims to save as many animals as possible from the pound by rehousing them. One of their lucky pooches is Bobby. He is fifteen years old and was found in the pound with an ulcerated mass on his lip. This has now been removed, and Bobby is a happy and healthy dog who gets on well with other dogs and cats.

Unlike pounds, which often put down dogs who are not adopted to a new home, Monika’s Doggie Rescue will never kill dogs who cannot be re-housed. Their NO KILL policy means that if no one adopts them, the dogs will live at the centre for the rest of their lives.

Since 2001, Monika’s Doggie Rescue has helped to give over 11,000 dogs a new lease on life.

And it’s not just puppies that are taken in – the organisation also rescues fully-grown dogs.

How can I help?

Our team is not only passionate about human rights, but also about the fair treatment of our furry friends. We have donated $500 to the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand, and $500 to Monika’s Doggie Rescue in Sydney.

Do you want to adopt your newest family member, giving them a fresh lease on life?

Monika’s Doggie Rescue helps match people with their perfect pet. With over 200 dogs available for adoption, you can find out more about each of them on their website. The site allows you to find a pet that suits you – whether that be low-shedding dogs, apartment friendly dogs, ones that are good with kids or the perfect dog to suit full-time workers. Monika’s Doggie Rescue also adopts and helps to rehouse cats.

Have a look at their cute cats and dogs – but remember, adopting is a big decision – so please make sure you are prepared to take on the responsibility of a pet before adopting one, as it would be terrible for them to be abandoned once again.

Or, if you aren’t in a position to adopt, why not sponsor a cat or dog? With Soi Dog Foundation, you can sponsor a dog for less than a dollar a day!

If you want to donate to either charity, you can do so here: Soi Dog Foundation and Monika’s Doggie Rescue.

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