Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 29 November to 5 December 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

The Offence of Sexual Intercourse with a Child Under the Age of 10 Years in NSW

Another former Catholic Brother has been sentenced to imprisonment for multiple child sexual offences.

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Possessing, Disseminating and Producing Animal Cruelty Material to Become a Crime in NSW

New laws propose to make it a crime to possess, produce or share videos which depict bestiality and animal torture.

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NSW Considers Banning the Public Display of Nazi Symbols

The rise in right-wing extremism has been met by proposed new laws which would make it crime to display Nazi symbols in public places.

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The Long Warned of Far-Right Threat Has Descended

There are concerns about the rise of far-right extremists in recent years.

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Calls to Reform Flat-Rate Fining Regimes That Paralyse the Poor

There are calls for fines to be proportionate to a person’s income.

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Federal Politicians: Bogans, Boofheads, Bullies and Beers

The Sex Discrimination Commissioner has called for an overhaul of workplace culture in parliament, after making unsurprising findings of systemic harassment, bullying and abuse.

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Missing and Murdered First Nations Women: Senator Dorinda Cox on the Parliamentary Inquiry

Senator Dorinda Cox has established a parliamentary committee into violence against First Nations women.

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Sentenced to Prison Over Nonviolent Climate Action: An Interview With Activist Sergeio Herbert

The imprisonment of a young climate activist marks an escalation in the lengths to which authorities will go in order to silence calls for climate action.

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Access to NSW Court Transcripts to Be Digitised

A new initiative will streamline the process of ordering, tracking, paying for and receiving court transcripts and other documents.

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Out There, Settling Scores: The NSW Police Fixated Persons Investigation Unit

The Fixated Persons Unit has been caught engaging in misconduct once again – this time wrongfully arresting a man and fabricating evidence.

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Is it Legal for Businesses to Refuse Entry Based on Vaccination Status?

Many are asking whether business owners will be allowed to refuse entry to unvaccinated persons after 15 December.

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As NSW Refuses to Save Teenage Lives, NZ Legalises Pill Testing Nationwide

An overwhelming majority of the NSW upper house voted against the life-saving harm minimisation measure.

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Brad Hazzard is Not Fit to Lead the Pandemic Response

The politician responsible for leading the pandemic response has exhibited, once again, that ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

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Thorpe Calls for a First Nations Legal Defence Fund to Battle Miners

The Senator proposes to push for a fund to help First Nations people fight big corporations in court.

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Bans on Human Rights Abusers are Set to Become Law

The federal government is set to pass laws which ban human rights abusers and cyber attackers from entering or trading in our country.

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