Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 6 to 12 December 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Politicians Continue to Behave Badly Despite Sex Commissioner’s Report

Our politicians continue to act unacceptably when it comes to harassment, intimidation and abuse, despite the Sex Commissioner’s recommendations.

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Victorian Premier and Health Minister Given Indefinite ‘Pandemic Powers’

Despite amendments, the new laws have been described as “draconian”, “undemocratic” and “the most dangerous in [the state’s} history”.

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Reductions in Penalties for Driving Whilst Suspended or Disqualified Have Not Increased Offending

The BOCSAR report found that the reduction in penalties for unauthorised driving has not led to an increase in offending.

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Sydney Condemns Morrison’s Attempt to Enshrine Religious Bigotry in Law

Sydney residents have rallied against laws that would make it legal for people of faith to discriminate against others.

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NSW Is Incarcerating First Nations People for Fishing in Their Own Waters

“They’ve been prosecuting our people down here for cultural fishing… [despite] a law that gives us a right to fish”.

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Courts Will Bear the Brunt of Challenges to COVID-19 Fines

Courts are bracing for a deluge of challenges to Covid fines, as nine out of ten reviews by Revenue NSW are rejected.

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Drug Decriminalisation Likely for the ACT: An Interview With Labor MLA Michael Pettersson

The man who successfully pushed for the legalisation of cannabis for personal use in Canberra is now campaigning for the use of all illicit substances to be decriminalised.

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Vaccination Mandates Must Be ‘Fair and Reasonable’

The Fair Work Commission ruled that BHP’s direction that all workers be vaccinated was not ‘fair and reasonable’.

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Rich Nations Are Withholding Vaccines From the Poorest, Explains AFTINET’s Dr Patricia Ranald

Wealthy nations continue to block efforts to allow the poorest access COVID-19 vaccines.

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The Offence of Drink Spiking in New South Wales

Food and drink spiking was a concern for years before the onset of COVID-19, but a sinister crime is increasing in prevalence in NSW pubs and clubs.

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Myanmar Leader Aung San Suu Kyi May Spend the Rest of Her Life in Prison

The democracy campaigner is under house arrest yet again, this time facing the prospect of spending the rest of her life behind bars.

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China is Perpetrating Genocide Against the Uyghurs, Rules Tribunal

An independent tribunal has confirmed what many already knew: that China is perpetrating genocide against its Uyghur population.

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Neo-Nazis Intimidate Anti-Racist Activist at Home: An Interview With the Jumbunna Institute’s Paddy Gibson

“This is a line in the sand that should never be crossed in politics with extremist right-wing thugs threatening the home of a prominent anti-racist activist”.

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What is a Criminal Infringement Notice in New South Wales?

Police officers in New South Wales are empowered to issue on-the-spot fines to those they suspect of committing certain criminal offences.

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