Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 11 to 17 October 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

‘Freedom Day’ for Some, Discrimination Day for Others

To many, the so-called ‘roadmap to freedom’ is paved with discrimination.

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Know Your Rights, as Lockdowns Lift

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, it’s important to know your legal rights when approached by police.

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TikTok Craze Could Lead to Assault Charges

Students are being warned they could face court for participating in the latest viral trend.

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As PNG Offshore Detention Ends, Australia Abandons Its Remaining Detainees

“[I]nnocent humans who came to Australia for help are still being trafficked to Nauru after nine horrific years of violence, death, poor services and lousy mental health outcomes.”

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Collaery Victorious: Court Rules His Prosecution Should Not Be Secret

The Australian government has failed in its attempt to suppress information about its criminal bugging of the Timor-Leste cabinet.

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The Law, Defences and Penalties for Aggravated Animal Cruelty in New South Wales

Two teens have been charged over the alleged beating and killing of 14 kangaroos on the NSW South Coast.

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Police Criticised for False Reports and Withholding Evidence Over Indigenous Death

Police were caught making false reports and have refused to release body camera footage after the man’s remains were found.

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Ban Pork Barrelling: Shoebridge on Laws to Criminalise the Shady Political Practice

There are calls to compel politicians to allocate taxpayer money on merit, rather than to influence elections.

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Police Profiling Intensifies Under COVID: An Interview With NUAA’s Dr Mary Ellen Harrod

Police have been misusing their extraordinary COVID powers to target vulnerable people on the streets.

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Morrison Pushes Laws to Bury National Cabinet COVID Crisis Documents

The PM is pushing for new laws to keep information about the government’s handling of COVID secret, after a court ordered it to be released.

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Calls on Police Minister to Curb Officers Flaunting Insignia Linked to White Supremacy

The NSW Council for Civil Liberties is calling on the police minister to stop officers displaying symbols which have come to be associated with white supremacy.

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Businesses Choose to Stay Closed Rather Than Discriminate

Several businesses have chosen to remain closed rather than refuse entry to unvaccinated customers.

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Public Interest Disclosure Laws Stall as Government Interest Reigns

The Australian government is intent on prosecuting rather than protecting those who expose state crime and corruption.

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