Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 13 to 19 September 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Can I Be Refused Entry to a Premises if I am Unvaccinated?

The NSW government says unvaccinated people will be prohibited from entering certain shops, restaurants, bars and events.

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Businesses Vow Not to Discriminate Against the Unvaccinated

Ms Berejikilan’s declaration that she will not give unvaccinated people their freedoms back has been met by pro-choice businesses and employers making clear everyone is welcome.

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High Court Finds Media Organisations Are Liable for Third Party Comments

The High Court has ruled that media organisations can be sued over comments posted by others on their Facebook pages.

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The COVID-19 Delta Variant Has Entered Vulnerable Immigration Facilities

There are renewed calls to release refugees who are ‘serving time for no crime’, after a guard at an immigration detention centre tested positive for COVID-19.

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NSW Government Cashes in on COVID-19 Fines

Nearly a thousand COVID fines have been issued every day since the start of the current police operation in mid-August.

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Constitutional Challenge Launched Against WA’s Discriminatory Indefinite Detention Laws

A man kept behind bars despite serving his entire sentence is challenging his ongoing detention.

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“Moving Too Slow”: Bruce Shillingsworth on the COVID Response in First Nations Towns

A First Nations emergency committee has been established to address the “unfolding humanitarian crisis” in north western NSW.

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What Are the Criteria for Obtaining a COVID-19 Medical Exemption in NSW?

The circumstances in which a doctor may grant a COVID-19 vaccination exemption are extremely limited.

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Berejiklian Abandons NSW as the Public Health Crisis Is About to Peak

The NSW Premier has suspended state parliament and made clear she will attend COVID press conferences as she sees fit.

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Canberra Abandons West Papua at Jakarta War Talks: An Interview With AWPA’s Joe Collins

Australia has agreed to train more Indonesian soldiers, who will then be deployed against those who helped us when we needed them most.

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Christian Porter Pressured to Reveal Who Paid his Legal Costs

The nation’s former chief law officer is facing pressure to disclose the details of his legal funders.

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“Facing Another Genocide”: Government COVID Neglect of First Nations

The government’s ‘pathway forward’ out of COVID could result in the disproportionate loss of First Nations lives.

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Should Businesses Be Forced to Police Covid Orders?

The NSW government says businesses will face heavy fines and possible closure for welcoming unvaccinated people.

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The AUKUS Pact: Morrison Secretly Binds the Nation to a US War on China

The alliance between Australia, the US and UK could attract further sanctions from our biggest trading partner, China.

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