Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 6 to 12 September 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Jarryd Hayne Faces Civil Proceedings for Sexual Assault

The former football star’s victim is seeking compensation over the sexual assault.

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Banksia Hill Class Action Seeks Justice for Harmed Youth Detainees

A class action has been launched on behalf of youths mistreated in juvenile detention.

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Morrison’s Father’s Day Flight: Are We Really All In This Together?

The PM took a taxpayer-funded VIP flight from the ACT to Sydney for Father’s Day, while many families remain separated.

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Police Officer Challenges Government’s Vaccination Policy

A police officer has “challenge[d] the extent to which the Government may coerce its citizens to have themselves injected with a drug they object to taking”.

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The Offence of Contempt of Court in New South Wales

The administrator of a Facebook page has been sentenced to 10 months prison for publishing confidential information against court orders.

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Social Housing Building in Hard Lockdown: An Interview With Common Ground Resident Action Group

Residents were placed in hard lockdown without warning despite a four day delay from when the first case of COVID was detected in their building.

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“A Stain on Our National Record Forever”: McBride on the Withdrawal from Afghanistan

The former military lawyer who exposed Australian war crimes against Afghans says, “I was right to stand up against that culture of lies”.

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‘Health Authoritarianism’: NSW Health Confiscates Parcels Sent to Social Housing Residents

The government department claims it opened, searched and confiscated alcohol sent to residents ‘for their own safety’.

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Ever-Expanding COVID Rules are Making Criminals Out of Law-Abiding Citizens

The types of conduct which amount to the crime of contravening a public health order continue to expand, potentially making criminals out of well-intentioned residents.

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The Political Flouting of Pandemic Restrictions Is Anti-Democratic

While claiming ‘we’re all in this together’, Australia’s politicians seem to be exempt from the restrictions imposed on the rest of us.

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Teflon Gladys: Less Accountable Than Ever

The premier’s decision to cancel her daily press conference followed a journalist’s questions about a fresh ICAC investigation.

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Berejiklian Ignores COVID “Ticking Timebomb” in NSW Prisons

The premier has failed to act on the growing outbreak in the state’s prisons, despite concerns it could find its way out to the general community.

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American Civil Liberties Union Declares that Vaccine Mandates Promote Freedom

The organisation recently backflipped, declaring that “far from compromising civil liberties, vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties”.

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Sick Baby Trapped by Cruel Border Bureaucracy

The Queensland government refused to allow a family whose sick child needed treatment in Sydney to return to their isolated rural property.

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Will COVID Passports Be Yet Another Expensive Government Failure?

Security experts have warned of major flaws in the government’s proposed COVID passport scheme.

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