Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 20 to 26 May 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Employee Can be Suspended Pending Outcome of Serious Criminal Charges

Rugby league player Jake de Belin has lost his bid for reinstatement pending the outcome of the sexual assault case against him.

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Queensland’s Facial Recognition Regime a Complete Failure

Police have failed in their bid to block a report which reveals that their facial recognition regime is completely ineffective.

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Morrison’s Victory and What the Nation Has Agreed To

The nation has elected a prime minister with a proven track record of eroding civil liberties, and routinely enacting discriminatory, divisive and dangerous laws.

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Past Trauma Elicits More Sympathy Than a Mental Health Condition

A United States study has found that members of the public are more sympathetic towards those with a difficult upbringing than a mental disorder.

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The Offence of Importing a Border Controlled Drug

While police boast about drug busts, the reality is that prohibition has done little to curb the importation of drugs and much to fill the pockets of foreign drug lords.

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Should It be a Crime to Publish Fake News?

The recent federal election was tainted by the widespread dissemination of fabrications to the effect that Labor intended to introduce a death tax and a new car tax.

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Police Use of Strip Searches Skyrockets in NSW

The number of strip searches conducted by NSW has risen dramatically in recent years, and most of the time nothing is found.

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The Crime of Kidnapping in New South Wales

A mother and daughter have been sentenced to imprisonment after detaining and attempting to force a woman to sign over the title to her car.

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Australian Prisoner Rights Activist Ends 33-Day Hunger Strike

An Australian man has just ended his 33 day hunger strike during which he sought to draw attention to prisoner rights violations in Bulgaria.

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What is a Penalty Unit?

Many offences carry maximum penalties that wholly or partly consist of fines calculated in penalty units.

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Colonising First Nations: From the Killing Times to Reserves to Incarceration

From the fallacy of an uninhabited land, to dehumanisation and widespread massacres, to racist laws that led to herding onto reserves, stolen generations, and the disproportionate incarceration of First Nations peoples.

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Making Government Accountable: An Interview With Human Right Watch’s Elaine Pearson

Human Rights Watch has been monitoring and exposing violations at the hands of our government and working to bring about accountability and change.

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