Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 27 April to 3 May 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Should Tech Giants Pay Publishers for Content?

The federal government wants to force tech giants like Facebook and Google to pay publishers for content that makes them advertising dollars.

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Taxpayers Will Foot the Bill for Government’s Denial of Procedural Fairness

Taxpayers have already spent $30 million to keep one Tamil family detained on Christmas Island, rather than returning them to Biloela, Queensland, where they were productive members of the community.

Now, a Federal Court Judge has ordered the government to pay over $200,000 in legal costs for denying the family procedural fairness.

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May Day Car Convoy Rally Calls for Worker Rights and Climate Action: An Interview With Rachel Evans

Water for Rivers is calling on Australians to stand up for worker rights by joining a car convoy this Friday, 1 May.

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The Offence of Perverting the Course of Justice in New South Wales

A New South Wales lawyer is facing court for allegedly helping his client concoct a way to avoid attending court.

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“A Political Injustice”: An Interview With the Housing Defence Coalition’s Adam Adelpour

The Housing Defence Coalition aims to stop unfair housing evictions during COVID-19.

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“An Act of Negligence”: An Interview With COVID Prison Watch’s Miranda Gibson

COVID-19 Prison Watch is a hub of information for those with loved-ones in custody, and provides a platform to petition for the release of vulnerable, nonviolent inmates.

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Covid 19 Tracking App: To Download, or Not To Download?

The government’s appalling track record of adhering to its promises when it comes to the use and storage of personal data has many questioning whether they should download the app.

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Fake Covid-19 Treatments Sold for Big Bucks on the Dark Web

From UV lamps, to hot chilli solutions, to the blood of coronavirus survivors – the ‘dark web’ is a hotbed for supposed vaccines and cures.

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The Offence of Unauthorised Use or Possession of a Firearm in NSW

Two rugby league players are facing court for allegedly misusing firearms on a camping trip during COVID-19.

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Fossil Fuel Expansion Under the Cover of COVID-19

The federal government is ensuring the fossil fuel industry is having its demands met despite COVID-19.

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Google is a ‘Publisher’ and Can be Sued for Defamation

The court found that search results amount to publication, rendering search engines liable for defamatory content.

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Impossible to Distance in Detention: An Interview With Manus Detainee Farhad Bandesh

After being detained for 7 years having committed no crime, Mr Bandesh is appealing to the government to be released from an environment where his health is at risk.

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A Sensible Public Is Stopping the Spread of COVID-19, Not Heavy-Handed Policing

“[I]t’s the public’s compliance and agreement with the lockdown measures that have seen them succeed… not the aggressive policing that we have seen from the NSW police.”

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