Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 24 to 30 April 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

The Hypocrisy and Absurdity of Christian Groups Accusing LGBT People of Child Sexual Abuse

Perhaps ‘Christian Lives Matter’ should focus on religious institutions rather than baselessly demonising some of our most vulnerable.

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Students from Prestigious Sydney School Suspected of Animal Cruelty

The students are under investigation for allegedly torturing a goanna to death during a school camp.

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Should Builders Who Declare Bankruptcy Face Legal Consequences?

Some unscrupulous building companies have declared bankruptcy, leaving families in financial ruin, before starting afresh under new names.

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Road Rage: Prevalence, Causes, Consequences and Potential Criminal Offences

The conduct of other motorists can be a source of anger and frustration, but engaging in road rage can have consequences.

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Offences Against Endangering an Aircraft in Australia

Laws have evolved to ensure aircraft travel is as safe as possible.

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Witness J: The Transcript of Australia’s Most Kafkaesque Trial Has Finally Been Released

The court transcript of the secret trial of the man prosecuted for exposing Australia’s criminal bugging of the Timor-Leste Cabinet has finally been released.

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Should Individuals Be Allowed to Sue the Media for Serious Invasions of Privacy?

Proposed laws would give people a right to sue for serious privacy breaches where their expectation of privacy outweighs the public interest.

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The Offence of Perverting the Course of Justice: History and Current Laws

History is littered with examples of powerful people using their positions to hide the truth.

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Victoria Looks Set to Raise the Age of Criminal Responsibility

The state may be the first in Australia to ensure those under the age of 12 years cannot be prosecuted for criminal offences.

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Labor Is Expanding and Consolidating Cashless Welfare, Not Ending It as Promised

To many, Labor has showed its true colours by backflipping on its pre-election promise to repeal cashless welfare arrangements.

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Clean Energy Projects: Governments Must Fully Disclose Potential Impacts

A proposed wind turbine project has locals concerned about the environmental impact as well as their property values and standard of living.

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Bigoted White Man’s Opinion Reigns Supreme, as Black Sovereigns Silenced on Voice

While the media sensationalises the debate about The Voice, First Nations voices calling for true self-determination are being ignored.

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The Offence of Unlawfully Importing a Firearm into Australia

A woman was allegedly caught attempting to bring a gold plated pistol into Australia.

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Welcome to the Australian War Economy, Where Offense Is the New Defence

Australia’s military build-up is leading our biggest trading partner to see us as a threat, which is against our economic and diplomatic interests.

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