Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 27 March to 2 April 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Magistrate Resigns Over Remarks About Sexual Assault Complainant

The Magistrate has resigned after an investigation for saying, “she put herself in the position” and had “buyer’s remorse”.

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Prosecution Must Prove Date of Alleged Criminal Offence

A man’s conviction was overturned because the prosecution failed to establish that the alleged offence occurred on the specified date.

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Victorian Policing of Opposing Protests Was Biased in Favour of Nazis, Legal Group Observes

Police allowed far right extremists to incite violence and failed to protect the public during the recent hate-filled protests.

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Much of the Same: Federal Labor Continues to Criminally Prosecute Whistleblowers

Despite promising to protect whistleblowers, Federal Labor says it will continue to prosecute the man who exposed unlawful conduct by the ATO.

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Should it be a Crime to Perform the Nazi Salute in Public?

Those who support the ban believe there is no place for such an abhorrent, divisive and hate-inciting symbol, while critics see it as an unjustified impediment to free expression.

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Dreyfus Convenes a Human Rights Act Inquiry: ‘It’s Time… Has Come’, Says Liberties Advocate

At last; an Australian federal government has agreed to hold an inquiry into the establishment of a national Human Rights Act.

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Albanese Refuses Nation Any Say in Joining War on China, Explains Senator Jordon Steele-John

The government voted down laws which would have put decisions about going to war in the hands of parliament, not just the PM.

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UK Takes Steps to Stop the Illegal Strip-Searching of Kids, While the Practise Continues Unabated in NSW

UK protests have forced governments there to take action against the illegal strip-searching of kids, but the practise remains rife in our state.

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“Provoking a Defensive Response From China”: AWPR’s Dr Alison Broinowski on AUKUS

Our PM is leading us into conflict with our biggest trading partner by “stationing… US nuclear-armed bombers in Australia… [and having] masses more US troops on the ground.”

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Roundabouts in New South Wales: What are the Rules and Potential Penalties?

Failing to give way or properly indicate at a roundabout can incur demerit points and cost you hundreds of dollars.

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The Laws Relating to Producing, Exhibiting, Selling and Distributing Adult Pornography in Australia

Australia has a range of rules that apply to producing, displaying and dealing in pornography that depicts consenting adults.

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Forensic Experts: Error, Bias, Incompetence and Criminality

Popular culture often presents forensic experts as competent and fair, but the reality can be very different.

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The Criminal Indictment of Donald Trump: Justice or Political Persecution?

The move has brought unrest in the United States, with the population polarised over the motivation behind it.

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As Tensions Mount With China, Dan Duggan’s US Extradition Looks Increasingly Political

The Australian citizen is being held in prison at the request of the US, over a dubious and unsubstantiated claim of political wrongdoing.

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Far-Right Israeli Government Moves to Undermine Power of the Judiciary

The most right-wing government Israel has ever had is attempting to pass laws that undermine the judiciary’s ability to keep check on its power.

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Labor’s Crucifixion of Whistleblower Richard Boyle is Not in the Public Interest

The party that promised to protect whistleblowers continues to prosecute the man who exposed systemic unlawful conduct within the ATO.

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Reducing Crime Rates: Prevention is Preferable to Punishment

Focusing on punishment rather than prevention, diversion and rehabilitation is counter-productive to reducing crime.

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