Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 27 January to 2 February 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

What Are the Rules For Accessing and Selling ‘Poppers’ in Australia?

New laws relating to alkyl nitrites – also known as ‘poppers’ – come into effect on 1 February.

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Which Crimes Are Most Frequently Detected in Australia?

Here are the most commonly detected types of criminal offences in our nation.

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Dishonesty Offences Under the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act

The AFP have decided not to investigate claims that historian Bruce Pascoe lied about his Aboriginal heritage to gain a financial advantage.

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“Australia Day No Longer Exists”: An Interview With Gomeroi Activist Gwenda Stanley

Many see 26 January as a day of mourning rather than one of celebration.

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Catholic Church Continues to Silence Alleged Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

The Catholic Church is fighting to prevent a former altar boy from suing for alleged sexual abuse.

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The Inhumanity of Australia’s New Offshore Detention Centre

The new detention centre in Papua New Guinea was purposely built to force asylum seekers into agreeing to return to where they came from.

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Too Little, Too Late? Morrison Will Mourn Bushfire Victims

Many believe the PM’s gesture to dedicate the first day of parliament to mourning bushfire victims is too little, too late.

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Winner of Sydney Criminal Lawyers Criminal Law Scholarship Announced

The inaugural SCL Criminal Law Scholarship seeks to provide support and financial assistance to those who are passionate about defending the rights of others.

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It’s Now Legal to Smoke Cannabis in Australia’s Capital: An Interview With HEMP’s Michael Balderstone

Cannabis is now legal to possess and use in Canberra, and there are calls for the rest of the nation to follow suit.

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Australia Needs a Bill of Rights, Not Religious ‘Freedom’ to Discriminate

While our PM continues his crusade to allow people of faith to discriminate against others, what our nation really needs is greater rights protection.

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“Exacerbated by Global Heating”: An Interview With NSW Firefighter Jim Casey

An alliance of fire fighters explains how government inaction has contributed to an increase in the intensity and duration of fires.

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Politicians Look Out For Themselves, At The Expense of The People

“The Australian government is in utter and complete denial… Until Australians throw out their current leaders, they will continue this way.”

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“A Disaster of Water Privatisation”: An Interview With Water for Rivers’ Tracey Carpenter

The government has prioritised big business over the water needs of communities.

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