Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 3 to 9 August 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Police Officer Who Endangered Domestic Violence Victim Appeals Sentence

The officer who received a suspended sentence after illegally accessing a police database and leaking the new address of a domestic violence victim to his ‘mate – the woman’s abusive ex partner – has appealed the severity of his sentence.

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Gathering “for a Common Purpose”: Fuller’s New Anti-Protest Tactic

The premier has now defined public gatherings in a way that makes it easier for police to exert their control on members of the public.

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State Governments Collect Millions in COVID Fines

State governments have raked in millions through the enforcement of public health orders.

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The NSW Domestic Violence Offence of Non-Fatal Strangulation

NSW has enacted offences to deal with strangulation in domestic violence situations.

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Public Health Orders and the Requirement to Wear a Mask

A woman has been charged with assaulting a police officer in Victoria after an interaction about her refusal to wear a mask turned violent.

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It’s Time to Raise the Age of Criminal Responsibility in Australia

The Council of Attorneys General has put off their decision on whether to raise the age of criminal responsibility above 10 years old.

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Restoring Justice: An Interview With The Cicada Project’s Thea Deakin-Greenwood

The Cicada Project seeks to reduce reoffending by bringing offenders face-to-face with their victims, and getting them to understand the impact of their crimes.

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The Offences of Child Sexual Assault and Incest in New South Wales

A case involving allegations of incest and child sexual assault is currently before the Downing Centre District Court.

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NSW Police Officers Charged with Sexually Assaulting and Filming Schoolgirl

Two serving police officers based in Sydney have been charged with sexual offences against a 17-year old schoolgirl.

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Forging Justice for David Dungay: An Interview With Dunghutti Activist Paul Silva

The family of David Dungay Junior has received advice from a prominent barrister that there’s enough evidence to press charges against the guards involved in his death.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health

The stress and uncertainty of the current situation is leading to increases in anxiety, depression and loneliness.

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The State Government’s ‘Future Crime’ Regimes Significantly Increase Police Powers

The State Coalition introduced four separate regimes to pre-emptively deal with perceived threats to social order.

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Dutton Vows to Punish Asylum Seekers, By Reopening Christmas Island

The home affairs minister is set to reopen Christmas Island, which will help him to silence those who have been vocal in mainland detention.

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