Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 20 to 26 July 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Police Investigate Fatal Shooting by Police

Homicide detectives are investigating a fatal shooting by police officers.

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Police Accused of Heavy-Handed Tactics Over House Party Raid

Police officers from four local area commands, as well as the Police Airwing, PolAir and the Dog Unit raided a Sydney house party, pepper sprayed attendees and issued them with COVID-19 infringement notices.

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Further Reports of Australian War Crimes in Afghanistan

Australian soldiers reported that their SAS colleagues executed up to 10 unarmed civilians during a raid.

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Law Prohibiting Evidence of False Sexual Allegation History Needs an Overhaul

The law which prohibits juries from being told about a complainant’s history of making false sexual assault complaints needs to be changed, especially considering that the tendency rule allows juries to be told about a defendant’s prior similar cases.

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Faced With Multiple Domestic Crises, Morrison Picks a War With China

The PM’s political posturing towards China is further damaging our already-frail economy.

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What is Skye’s Law in New South Wales?

Police allege that a suspended driver who was travelling at 72km/h in a 50km/h zone forced them to engage in a pursuit near the NSW Central Coast.

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Is a Strong Police Presence the Best Way to Deal with COVID-19?

Some nations have found that education is better than heavy-handed enforcement.

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Dishonestly Using Position as a Company Director in Australia

Controversial politician Clive Palmer has been charged with misusing his position as a company director to funnel millions of dollars into his 2013 election campaign.

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Seven Years Too Long: End Offshore Immigration Detention

Sunday marked seven years since Australia began the indefinite offshore detention of asylum seekers.

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Victory Against Forced Injection Regime in NSW, as Order Against Patient is Quashed

NSW Health unlawfully imposed a community treatment order on a 74-year-old woman.

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How Much Does a Lawyer Earn in Australia?

The ATO has released figures on the top earning jobs in Australia.

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Dutton’s Verbal Tirade Against Biloela Family

Rather than returning them to their community and saving taxpayers $20,000 a day, the Home Affairs Minister has launched a verbal tirade against a family of four which includes two Australian-born children.

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Silenced During the Narrabri Gas Project Hearings: An Interview With NSW Gas Ban’s Jo Evans

In a move that “reeks of interference by the pro-gas lobby”, Facebook has censored a page that is campaigning against gas expansion.

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‘Paedophile Priest’ Released from Prison

A Catholic Priest with a long history of sexually assaulting children has been released after serving 14 months behind bars for sexually abusing two altar boys.

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Suli Deserves a Full Inquest: An Interview With Medicinal Cannabis Advocate Steve Peek

Suli Peek died in hospital after being denied cannabis oil and treated with pharmaceuticals. Her father is now campaigning for a coronial inquiry.

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Fuller’s Economics Don’t Add Up, When It Comes to Silencing First Nations Voices

The police commissioner took the BLM rally organisers to the Supreme Court, and has vowed to take action against protesters regardless of what the court says.

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Victorian COVID Prison Lockdown Reawakens Calls to Release Inmates

There are renewed calls for the release of frail and elderly inmates who are a low-risk to the community, after a prison guard and inmates tested positive for COVID-19.

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Suing the DPP and FACS: An Interview With Paul Robert Burton and Dr Andrew Katelaris

Dr Andrew Katelaris and Paul Robert-Burton have commenced civil proceedings against the DPP and FACS for malicious prosecution.

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