Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 3 to 9 May 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

The Offences of Recording and Distributing Intimate Images Without Consent

A former Liberal staff member who filmed himself masturbating on an MP’s desk claims to be the victim of revenge porn.

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Sexual Assault Charges Dropped Due to Unreliability of Complainant

The charges were withdrawn in a case where the complainant had a history of making false accusations.

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The Horror Unfolding in India Exposes the Privilege of Pandemic Conspiracies

Some see the situation in India as evidence the restrictions are justified. Thoughts?

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The Offence of Using a Phone or Internet Service to Make a Threat in Australia

The developer behind a controversial plan to build a restaurant and bar on Bondi Beach says he has been the subject of online death threats.

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Confos v DPP: Balancing Competing Interests When Determining Mental Health Applications

Magistrates must weigh the purposes of punishment against the public interest in diverting those with mental health issues away from the criminal justice system.

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West Papuans Establish Political Infrastructure to Counter Indonesian Rule

West Papuans have established a Cabinet and Government Departments to oppose Indonesian occupation.

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The Continuing Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka: An Interview With TRC’s Charanja Thavendran

The Australian government continues to support Sri Lanka, despite its attempted genocide of the Tamil population.

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Senior citizen Launches Federal Court Challenge Against India Travel Ban

A 73-year old Australian man desperate to return home is taking on the Federal Government.

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Jarryd Hayne Sentenced for Sexual Assault

Violent scenes broke out after the footballer was sentenced to a minimum term of three years and eight months behind bars.

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Rape or Sexual Assault? What is the Correct Legal Term in New South Wales?

Yesterday’s sentencing of Jarryd Hayne has triggered debate about whether the offence for which he was convicted is ‘rape’ or ‘sexual assault’.

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Federal Court Hears Challenge to COVID Travel Bans

The court heard the bans are an improper use of the federal government’s emergency powers.

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Keeping Women Out of Prison: An Interview With the Miranda Project’s Marisa Moliterno

The project has an 86% success rate of keeping women out of prison after their release.

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Dutton’s War on China Doublespeak Is Dubious, Dangerous and Defeatist

The appointment of Peter Dutton as defence minister is an ominous sign for Australia.

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Coronial Inquest to be Held Into Fatal Police Shooting of Mentally Ill Man

40-year old Scott McKenzie was shot dead by NSW police at his home in Taree during a mental health episode.

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NSW Police Officer Charged With Assaulting First Nations Teenager

The officer has been charged with assault after throwing a 16-year old to the ground at a Sydney park.

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If Morrison’s Has Been Called Upon to Do God’s Bidding, It’s Divisive Work Indeed

The PM who previously declared “Australia is not a secular country” has revealed further concerning aspects of his beliefs to a group of Pentacostals.

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