Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 26 April to 2 May 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Whispering Wall Deaths Suspected to be Murder / Suicide

Police suspect that a man embroiled in a dispute with his partner intentionally jumped to his death carrying his 9-month old baby.

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Section 20BQ Applications: Mental Health at Time of Hearing is Relevant, Not When the Alleged Offence Occurred

The time of the hearing is relevant for the purposes of assessing mental health, not when the alleged offence occurred.

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The Offence of Contravening a Human Biosecurity Emergency Requirement or Direction

The Biosecurity Act says restrictions can be placed on the population where a ‘disease is posing a severe and immediate threat’.

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Morrison Distinguishes Himself as the Globe’s Chief Climate Outcast

The PM is intent on putting the interests of his mining associates ahead of the Australian people.

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Family Court Judges to Receive Domestic Violence Training

A new initiative aims to inform family and federal court judges about patterns of behaviour which lead to violence.

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Protesting Latham’s Trans Prejudice in Parliament: An Interview With CARR’s April Holcombe

“How dare you… attack the most vulnerable people in our society, transgender young people, who have already got it tough enough”.

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Is it Legal to Ride an eScooter in New South Wales?

New South Wales lags behind many other jurisdictions it comes to the use of eScooters.

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Driver Who Filmed Dying Police Officer Sentenced in Court

A driver who filmed a dying officer while stating “you f***ing c**ts. I guess I’ll be getting an Uber home… you f***ed my f***ing car”, has been sentenced.

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Family Court Judges to be Trained About the Malicious Use of False Accusations

A new training model for family and federal court judges will include information about the use of false accusations to bolster claims.

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“The Beginning of the End of Drug Prohibition”: An Interview With Drug Policy Australia’s Greg Chipp

“The cost of prohibition in terms of human lives is enormous… [and] literally billions of dollars… could be diverted into services to help those people with genuine issues with substances.”

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Is it Legal to Ride a Power-Assisted Bicycle in New South Wales?

An outline of the rules relating to electric and petrol powered bicycles in our state.

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Justice Goes Unserved for David Dungay, as George Floyd’s Killer Is Convicted

The NSW prison guards who held David Dungay down until he died have still not been charged.

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The Gate Swings Back on Youth Offenders as Northern Jurisdictions Toughen Laws

The NT and Queensland are passing ‘tough on crime’ youth laws, against the Royal Commission’s recommendations.

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The New Mental Health Regime in the NSW Criminal Courts

A rundown of the new rules relating to those with mental health issues who come into contact with the criminal justice system.

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NSW Police Minister’s Latest Blunder Exemplifies Why He is Unfit for the Job

David Elliott’s baseless demand for a schoolteacher to be sacked is just the latest example of why he is not fit to be the police minister.

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