Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 9 to 15 January 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Offences Relating to Human Trafficking in Australia

Opinions are divided as to whether controversial internet personality Andrew Tate’s arrest for alleged human trafficking is justified.

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Offences of Failing to Care or Provide for a Child in New South Wales

A woman who left her two-year and five-month old infants at a hotel to go out for dinner has been charged with child neglect.

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Questioning Ruled Inadmissible as ASIO Agents Had Effectively Kidnapped the Suspect

Evidence derived during questioning was inadmissible as the suspect was unlawfully led to believe he had to do what agents directed.

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The Offence of Possessing Ammunition Without a Licence or Permit in New South Wales

A man has been charged with firearms offences after police attended his Bathurst home in response to a domestic disturbance.

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Lethal Prejudice: First Nations Deaths in Custody Continue, Despite Royal Commission

First Nations deaths in custody have continued over the summer, with the number now reaching at least 530 since the 1991 Royal Commission.

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Unproven Sexual Assault Allegations: Creating Celebrities While Destroying Lives

Australia is meant to have the presumption of innocence and right to a fair trial. But the fact is many lives are ruined by unproven allegations.

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Refugee Advocates Sick of Albanese Dragging Feet on Human Rights Reforms

Labor seems to have forgotten its promises to rectify the erosion of human rights in our nation.

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Australia Deports Long-Term Residents Over Nonviolent Crimes, Destroying Families

The Albanese government has continued the inhumane practise of deporting long-term Australian residents to their nations of birth.

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Medevaced from Nauru to Brisbane Hotel Detention: An Interview With Refugee Nur Mohammed

“For 10 years, I’ve followed the rules on Nauru. I’ve got refugee status. So, I’ve come here for treatment, but now I’m in detention.”
“There is no freedom here. I’m just locked in the room. I cannot go outside… I’m scared here. It feels like I’m criminal. I don’t understand why they lock me up here.”

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What is Extradition?

A man suspected of murdering a young woman on a Queensland beach before fleeing to India has consented to extradition back to Australia.

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Take a Stand Against Injustice This Invasion Day, Says Dunghutti Activist Paul Silva

People from all walks of life are being urged to voice their concerns about continuing injustices against First Nations people.

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What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

The family of a woman who died in prison after guards ignored over a dozen of her calls for help has commenced civil proceedings.

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The Offence of Being Armed with Intent to Commit an Indictable Offence in NSW

A passenger is facing court for allegedly shooting two drivers of other vehicles with a nail gun.

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What’s Contained in the Australian Constitution, Anyway?

Sadly, the document contains very few rights protections.

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Right Wing Coalition Senators Introduce Anti-Abortion Propaganda Bill

True to form, right wing Christian politicians want to dictate what women are allowed to do with their bodies.

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