5 Crazy Crimes Committed by Lovers

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We’ve all heard horror stories of jilted ex-lovers who seek revenge – some even go so far as to take the law into their own hands.

Here we discuss five crazy crimes committed by current and former partners.

1. Woman Spikes Ex-Boyfriend’s Drink to Make Him Breach Bail

39-year-old South Australian woman Michelle Marie Edwards pleaded guilty to ‘administering a controlled drug to another person’ after she spiked her ex-partner’s drinks with methylamphetamine.

At the time, her ex was subject to regular drug tests while on bail, and her actions caused him to test positive and breach his bail conditions.

Ms Edwards’ criminal lawyer submitted that his client’s mental condition caused her to spike the drinks, telling the court:

‘They were in a relationship and she put the drug methylamphetamine into his drinks for various reasons to do with, I suppose her disturbed mental state and her difficulties with herself and the relationship with the victim, which resulted in him being detected in breach of bail.’

Ironically, Ms Edwards ended up breaching her own bail conditions by taking illegal drugs, but lucky for her an Adelaide judge decided not to take action for the breach.

The judge was also persuaded not to impose a prison sentence after hearing evidence that Ms Edwards had taken steps to address her drug problem; instead placing her on an 18 month good behaviour bond.

2. Crazy Ex Sends Woman to Prison

Being sexually assaulted is a horrific experience – but imagine being sent to prison for reporting the offence.

Sadly, this was the experience of New York woman Seemona Sumasar, whose ex-boyfriend, Jerry Ramrattan, convinced her to drop the charges. He then went on to concoct an elaborate plan framing her for an armed robbery.

Ms Sumasar was convicted and spent 7 months in prison before the Court overturned the conviction, calling it a ‘brazen attempt to undermine the fair administration of justice.’

3. Woman Stabs Husband With Squirrel

Forgetting to pick up a few items on the grocery list can land you in trouble with your spouse – or, as one South Carolina man found out, can even get you stabbed.

Helen Ann Williams was so enraged when her husband returned from the liquor store without beer on Christmas Day 2013 that she hit him over the head using a ceramic squirrel, before stabbing him in the shoulder and chest.

It might sound like comical situation, but Mr Williams was left with serious injuries, including cuts to his shoulder and face and a large gash across his chest.

Mrs Williams was charged with ‘criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.’

4. Woman Chops Off Cheating Husband’s Penis

One Chinese woman took revenge to a whole new level when she cut off her husband’s penis – not once, but twice.

32-year-old man Fan Lung had been sending raunchy messages to his mistress off his wife’s phone.

When his wife, 30-year-old Feng Lug discovered the affair, she exacted revenge by cutting off his penis while he was asleep.

Mr Fan was rushed to hospital where doctors were able to surgically re-attach his appendage, but that didn’t stop Feng, who snuck in to cut it off a second time.

The second act was ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’, and Fan chased his wife outside the hospital where he began attacking her.

Sadly for him, hospital staff were unable to locate his penis. They believe it may have been eaten by a stray dog or cat. Mr Fan’s mistress visited him while he was recovering in hospital and reportedly promised to marry him as soon as he was discharged.

Meanwhile, Mrs Feng was arrested and charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.

5. Woman Kills, Skins and Cooks Husband

Katherine Knight is one of Australia’s most famous criminals, and her crime is one of the most heinous in our criminal law annals.

Knight was an abattoir worker who had a history of violent relationships, where she would dominate and brutally assault men who she thought had wronged her. John Price was her last unlucky lover, who endured a several assaults prior to his death. He was found brutally murdered in his home the day after he took out a restraining order against Knight.

It transpired that Knight had stabbed Price with a knife in his sleep. While evidence showed he had fought back, he bled to death from 37 stab wounds inflicted to the front and back of his body.

After Price had died, Knight skinned him and hung the skin from a door, before decapitating him and cooking parts of his body.

She prepared a ‘family dinner’ consisting of his cooked flesh and vegetables including baked potato, pumpkin, zucchini, cabbage and even gravy, before serving the meal at the dinner table. Placards were placed next to each setting with Price’s children’s names written on them. A court later heard that Price planned to serve his flesh to his children for dinner.

Knight was arrested soon after the incident and pleaded guilty to murder. She was the first Australian woman to receive a sentence of life imprisonment without parole.

She is currently serving her time at Silverwater Womens’ Prison.

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