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Sonia Hickey

Sonia Hickey is a freelance writer, magazine journalist, and owner of 'Woman with Words'. She has a strong interest in social justice and is a member of the Sydney Criminal Lawyers® content team. Sonia is the winner of the Mondaq Thought Leadership Awards, Spring 2022.

What Happens if I Breach an Apprehended Violence Order in New South Wales?

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A Tasmanian Supreme Court judge is facing criminal charges over allegations he contravened an apprehended violence order  on three separate occasions while he was in New South Wales. The back story 62-year old Justice Gregory Geason pleaded not guilty in...

Producing Child Abuse Material Using AI Can Amount to a Criminal Offence

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The Australian media made international headlines this week, with Channel Nine being front and centre of the debate about AI generated images. The story goes like this: Channel Nine sourced an image of Animal Justice Party MP Georgie Purcell and...

What are the Rules for Learner Drivers in New South Wales?

Getting your driver licence is a huge milestone on the path to adulthood.  It provides a sense freedom and independence, but it also comes with responsibilities. Driving also comes with risks and, sadly, statistics suggest that less experienced drivers who...

Ticket Scalping Laws in NSW: Offences of Profiting from the Resale of Event Tickets

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Reports have surfaced this week that unsuspecting Taylor Swift fans have lost around $135,000 recently to concert ticket scams.  Social media accounts hacked The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC’s) Scamwatch has received at least 273 reports relating to  across...

Autonomous Sanctions Act: Punishing Foreigners for Corruption, Human Rights Abuses and Cyber-Crime

Australia has imposed sanctions against a Russian citizen over the Medibank cyber-attack in 2022, which saw the personal information of millions of Australians accessed, extortion threats made and many of the details published on the dark web after those threats...

Australian Prisons are Failing to Serve the Interests of Society

Unlike correctional centres in Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Denmark, Australian prisons have never been known for successfully rehabilitating inmates. While a commitment to rehabilitation is written into the mission statements of all Australian prisons, the reality is many...

What are Squatters’ Rights? The Law on ‘Adverse Possession’ in Australia

Homelessness is on the rise across Australia. According to the last census, which took place in 2021, more than 122,400 people across the nation are homeless on any given night. Almost one in four are children and young people between...

How Can I Check if I Have a Criminal Record?

In recent years, the requirement for character and criminal record checks has been rising, as business owners across a range of industries and professions become reluctant to employ those whose previous criminal convictions could give rise to reputational damage and...

‘Fake Lawyer’ Shot Dead by New South Wales Police

A mentally ill man who was previously convicted of falsely representing himself as a lawyer in court has been fatally shot by police in the doorway of a medical clinic in Nowra, on the Southern Coast of New South Wales. ...

What Are the Penalties and Valid Reasons for Not Voting in Australia?

While the right to vote is considered a democratic freedom that millions of people around the world wish they had, Australians do not get a choice - or at least, they face consequences if they refuse or otherwise fail to...
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