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COVID Positive Inmates Try to Avoid Detection, as Hundreds Infected Inside

by Paul Gregoire
According to Justice Action coordinator Brett Collins, the system Corrective Services NSW is employing in dealing with COVID-19 cases within the state’s prison system is leading to a number of prisoners, who believe they’ve contracted the virus, to avoid the testing...

Only Fully Vaccinated Participants Can Attend Supreme Court Trials

by Sonia Hickey
The Supreme Court of NSW has recently put in place a number of protocols in relation to criminal proceedings.  The new measures are intended to protect the health and safety of courthouse workers, as well as legal teams, witnesses, the...

Brad Hazzard Launches Another “Humiliating” Verbal Attack on a Female Colleague

by Sonia Hickey
New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard has once again launched an unwarranted verbal attack against a female colleague.  The incident occurred earlier this month during a meeting of the Covid and economic recovery committee, when cabinet ministers were discussing...

European Nations Are Moving to Legalise Recreational Cannabis

by Paul Gregoire
The last ten years have seen North America champion the legalisation of recreational cannabis. Eighteen US states now have lawful adult use, along with Washington DC and the territory of Guam. The entire nation of Canada legalised and regulated the use of...

Another Country Makes it a Crime Not to Have a COVID-19 Vaccine

by Sonia Hickey
Austria has officially made vaccinations mandatory for its adult population. The controversial law was passed in the country’s parliament last month. It takes effect from next month, after which anyone who refuses to be vaccinated faces a criminal record and...

“Quiet Australians” Are Realising Morrison Doesn’t Care About Them

by Paul Gregoire
Quiet Australians, as Scott Morrison likes to term them, are currently waking up to the fact that he doesn’t really care. The current prime minister’s form in the top job has consisted of seeking to avoid issues, blaming others for...

Australian Billionaires Clean Up Under COVID: The Cost “Human Lives”

by Paul Gregoire
Australia’s 47 billionaires have found the COVID-19 pandemic to be a windfall, Oxfam Australia announced on Monday. Indeed, as many regular people struggled to make ends meet, the extremely rich doubled their collective wealth, to see it grow “to $255 billion...

“A Highly Politicised Use of Police”: Shoebridge on COVID Policing, Quotas and Drug Dogs

by Paul Gregoire
The NSW Police Force has dropped its controversial policy of providing each area command across the state with a set of personal search and move-on order targets that officers were expected to meet over a financial year. The quotas, or...

Rapid Antigen Tests: Short Supply and High Price Leads to Crime and Thriving Black Market

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
A man has been charged over the alleged theft of 42,000 Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) valued at approximately $500,00 from a freight depot in Botany in Sydney’s south-east at around 3.20pm on Tuesday, 18 January 2022. Three men were arrested...

Morrison Created the Immigration Minister’s “God-Like Powers” When He Held Office

by Paul Gregoire
The deportation of the world’s number one tennis player, Novak Djokovic, on the spurious ground that he had the potential to provoke antivaxx sentiment, rather than any stated mission to do so, was political theatre par excellence, as the PM,...
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