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Law School to Introduce Admission Test

by Ugur Nedim
Law is one of the most difficult degrees to get into; with most law schools accepting only the best and brightest students from across the nation. Traditionally, entry into a law degree has been based on a school leaver’s Australian...

Should I Get a Barrister for My Court Case?

by Ugur Nedim
Being charged with a serious crime like murder, sexual assault or a commercial drug case can put your freedom in jeopardy – so it’s vital to have a strong legal team behind you. All lawyers in NSW are entitled to...

Would You Rather Be Suspected of a Crime in the US or Australia?

by Ugur Nedim
American ‘true crime’ shows often tell stories of defendants getting-off serious criminal charges due to problems with the evidence, or legal ‘loopholes’, or last-minute ‘breakthroughs’ by cunning criminal defence lawyers. Most people are aware that these TV shows aren’t an accurate...

Life Sentences Without Parole: A Violation of Human Rights?

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
In his research paper from this month’s Human Rights Law Review, Andrew Dyer, a Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the University of Sydney, argues that not having a statutory charter of rights means Australia has been left without...

Wrongly Imprisoned Man Released After 16 Years

by Ugur Nedim
30-year-old Los Angeles man Luis Lorenzo Vargas was convicted of sexually assaulting three women in 1999 after being loosely identified by the complainants – who said that the perpetrator had either one or two small tattoos of a teardrop running...

Murderer Asks Court for a Release Date

by Ugur Nedim
Kevin Crump was sentenced to life imprisonment for the horrific rape and murder of Virginia Morse and Ian Lamb in 1973, with a recommendation that he ‘never be released’. He has been behind bars for the past 42 years –...

High Court Rules on ICAC’s Power Struggle

by Ugur Nedim
After spectacularly losing to Margaret Cunneen in the High Court earlier this year, ICAC was put on the defensive when it realised that it had less power than it thought. Anxious to prevent past decisions from being overturned, ICAC urged...

Deporting Non-Citizens Who Commit Crimes

by Ugur Nedim
For many visitors to Australia who are accused of committing crimes, navigating our legal system is an arduous task. One of the most frequently asked questions by those on work and travel visas who are going through the courts is: how will...

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Named as Finalist in LexisNexis/Janders Dean Legal Innovation Index 2015

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
The team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers® is delighted to announce that we have been named as finalists in the LexisNexis and Janders Dean 2015 Legal Innovation Index. The Legal Innovation Index is an annual award which recognises outstanding innovators in...

The Most Commonly Cited Case in Australia

by Ugur Nedim
Many cases that are decided in the higher courts become ‘precedents’, forming part of Australia’s common law. Where relevant, judges and magistrates are required take these previous decisions into account when deciding later cases. But with thousands of cases going...
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