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Common Assault

Higher Bail Threshold and Monitoring Devices Proposed for Alleged Domestic Violence Offending

The New South Wales government’s latest response to the epidemic of domestic violence across the state is to make it harder for those charged with domestic violence offences to achieve bail and to require monitoring devices to be worn by...

NSW Police Under Fire for Manhandling Woman with Baby

New South Wales Police have again come under scrutiny for heavy handed policing after manhandling a woman with a baby at an event in Sydney where Prime minister Anthony Albanese was speaking.  According to bystanders, the pro-Palestine protester had a...

Assault Offences Across Australia

The word ‘assault’ often conjures up images of a physical altercation between two or more people, such as a bar fight or even domestic violence. Whilst such actions can certainly amount to the offence of assault, the conduct which may...

NSW Police Watchdog Recommends Assault Charges for Brutality Against Teen

Hospital staff witnessed a 17-year-old First Nations boy waiting for treatment, whilst in the custody of two NSW police officers in late 2020, make a run for it, and the aggressive response of one officer so disgusted them that they...

You Touched Me – That’s Assault! Does All Unauthorised Touching Amount to an Assault?

There’s a fine line between unauthorised touching which can amount to an assault and the realities of day-to-day life, where there may be no way to avoid physical contact with other people in our crowded streets and footpaths, in long...

Domestic Violence Blitz Raises Questions Regarding Lawfulness of Arrests

The New South Wales Police Force is boasting about the arrest of nearly 600 people during this week’s four-day operation targeting ‘domestic violence offences’. And as usual, the mainstream media is right behind them, labelling those arrested as ‘predators’ and...

Police Officer Who Fatally Tasered 95-Year Old Excused From Attending Court

The New South Wales police officer who fatally tasered 95-year old grandmother, Clare Nowland, has faced Cooma Local Court, where the presiding magistrate expressed “absolute disgust” for the fact the officer, 33-year old senior constable Kristian White, was allowed to...

‘Representations’ Can Result in Criminal Charges Being Withdrawn

Olympic boxer Harry Garside has a nervous wait ahead after his criminal defence lawyers told a court this week they have made formal representations to the New South Wales Police Force requesting that the domestic violence-related proceedings against their client...

What Amounts to Self-Defence in New South Wales?

Self-defence is a ‘complete defence’ to a criminal charge, which means you are entitled to a verdict of not guilty if it applies in your case. Where is the defence contained in the law? The defence is contained in section 418...

What is a Severity Appeal in New South Wales?

An elite cyclist has had his convictions overturned in the District Court of New South Wales after initially pleading guilty in the Local Court to assaulting two teenage girls following a ‘knock and run’ prank. 27-year old Dutch cyclist Mathieu...
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