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Tax Offences

Wealthy Australians Could Face Tax Evasion Penalties

by Ugur Nedim
A number of well-off Australians could face tax evasion penalties in the near future as the ATO has pledged to crack down on wealthy tax dodgers. The ATO is threatening heavy penalties to those who are found to owe substantial...

Queensland Barrister who was found Guilty of Tax Offences tipped to become Magistrate

by Ugur Nedim
We have published a number of blogs about lawyers who have engaged in professional misconduct and unethical behaviour. In many cases, these lawyers were ‘struck off’ – meaning that that they lost their licence to practice law. In a profession...

What Are The Most Common Tax Evasion Penalties?

by Ugur Nedim
Tax evasion is a serious criminal offence and can come with harsh consequences. Tax evasion penalties can range from a good behaviour bond to long-term imprisonment, so it’s important to take any charges or allegations of tax evasion seriously. Always...

What are the Penalties for Tax Evasion?

by Ugur Nedim
With the fast pace of modern life, who has time for tax returns? Even Paul Keating claimed he was just too busy when he was caught out failing to fill in a tax return during his time as Federal Treasurer....

Opal Card Data Accessible by Police Without a Warrant

by Ugur Nedim
There’s no doubt that public transport smartcards are convenient for commuters who take public transport regularly, saving them money and time queuing for tickets. But along with the convenience comes a hidden cost, with recent reports revealing that data from...

Why a Proceeds of Crime Barrister is a Wise Idea

by Ugur Nedim
If you have been convicted of a serious offence, such as drug trafficking, or fraud, there is the very real prospect that the prosecution will apply to the court for a confiscation order for the proceeds of your crime. Under...

A guide to criminal law – reckless dishonesty and fraud charges

by Ugur Nedim
Fraud is broadly defined as a type of theft or larceny where someone takes money or property for their own gain, through deceptive or dishonest means. According to section 192E of the Crimes Act, a person who ‘by deception, dishonestly...

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