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Robbery Offences

Objection! That’s Hearsay.

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
We’ve all heard rumours which don’t seem to originate from the person who actually observed the subject event. And while we all have a general understanding of what hearsay means – information received from others which cannot be substantiated- the...

Neddy Smith: A Career in Crime

by Paul Gregoire
Standing at 6ft 6in, Arthur “Neddy” Smith – the infamous standover man – had a menacing aura. He was a leading underworld figure during the mid-1980s Sydney drug wars. And he drove fear into all he encountered. Today, the 72-year-old...

The Santa Claus Bank Heist

by Paul Gregoire
Santa Claus walks into a bank brandishing a pistol. He’s also got a sack, but he’s not looking to distribute any gifts. He’s flanked by three helpers, but they’re hardly elfish-types. Two of them are ex-cons, while the other is...

Employee Defeats Robbers with Frogs

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
Police are calling for assistance after a trio of armed robbers in Aberdare, near Cessnock, had their plans foiled by flying packs of red frogs. The would-be thieves learnt the hard way that crime doesn’t pay, when a quick thinking...

The Carjackers Who Couldn’t Drive

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
Police on the Northern Beaches of Sydney are appealing for witnesses to come forward after an attempted carjacking went wrong last week. Two men threatened a woman and forced her out of a 2001 Holden Barina, as she was parked...

Crime Figure Shoots Himself in Testicle

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Smoking is a dangerous habit, just ask Omar Chaouk. The son of the late Melbourne underworld boss, Macchour Chaouk, accidentally shot himself in the right testicle when reaching into his pocket for a cigarette, firing his pistol instead. Omar Chaouk...

Robbery Rife in Rio

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
As the Olympic Games get into full swing and all eyes focus on Rio, the city’s underbelly has its sights firmly set on tourists. A Brazilian newspaper has reported that an average of 15 foreign tourists are falling victim to...

Judge Repeatedly Calls Lawyer “Stupid” and “Incompetent”

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Transcripts from a Victorian courtroom detailing a heated exchange between a lawyer and judge have been at the centre of an appeal by Michael Cook, who appealed his armed robbery conviction due to the behaviour of the judge. Mr Cook...

PokemonGo Used to Commit Robbery

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
A number Missouri teenagers are alleged to have used the popular PokémonGo smartphone app to lure a dozen victims into secluded areas before robbing them. Three teenagers have been charged so far with robbery and ‘armed criminal action’, and a...

If It Smells Like Sh#%, You Must Acquit

by Ugur Nedim
How could anyone forget American defence lawyer Johnny Cochran’s legendary line, ‘If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit’? There are all sorts of explanations about why the glove produced as an exhibit during the trial of OJ Simpson didn’t fit –...
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