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Firearms Licences

What You Shouldn’t Do in a Public Place

by Ugur Nedim
The silly season is upon us – and for most of us, the holiday period is marked by festivities and celebrations with family and friends. It is an especially busy period for police across Australia, who will charge thousands of...

Does More Guns Mean More Gun Crimes?

by Ugur Nedim
Australia usually prides itself on its strict firearms laws, which have been hailed as a model for reform by other countries plagued by high rates of gun crime, including the United States. Following the tragic Port Arthur Massacre in 1996,...

Banning Semi-Automatic Handguns: A Good or Bad Thing?

by Ugur Nedim
An enquiry looking at whether or not to ban semi-automatic handguns has met with resistance from a number of shooting and firearms collectors clubs in NSW. The clubs have raised concerns about the potential ban of these weapons, warning that...

Unacceptable Risk in Bail Laws: What Does it Mean?

by Ugur Nedim
Under the new NSW Bail Act, it is up to the bail authority to determine whether a defendant poses an unacceptable risk to the community if they are released on bail pending their court date. A bail authority can be...

Police Search Powers Under a Firearms Prohibition Order in NSW

by Ugur Nedim
A recent amendment to the Firearms Prohibition Order in NSW has given police increased powers to search for and confiscate illegal firearms. The Firearms Amendment (Prohibition Orders) Bill was implemented in November 2013 in a bid to deter bikies and other criminal gang...

What are the Wider Effects of a Criminal Conviction?

by Ugur Nedim
Having a criminal conviction on your record can have lasting consequences. Not all convictions are for serious offences, yet a conviction can still end up being a nuisance for years into the future. For example, you might have a conviction...

When Small Matters Turn Into Large Legal Problems

by Ugur Nedim
Two recent incidents have cast a spotlight on how small matters can quickly turn into monumental legal issues. A Queensland man caused a hijacking scare on a flight to Bali on Friday after mistaking the cockpit for the toilet, while...

Can I Get A Shotgun Licence With Previous Convictions?

by Ugur Nedim
If you want to own or use a shotgun in NSW you will need to apply for a firearms licence. The firearms licensing laws in NSW are fairly stringent, and if you want to apply for a licence you will...

Defending an AVO

by Ugur Nedim
Have you recently been served with an AVO? AVOs are surprisingly common and they can be taken out for a variety of reasons. If you are facing an AVO it is a good idea to think carefully before accepting it...

Do I Need a Licence for Collecting Firearms in NSW?

by Ugur Nedim
If you want to own a firearm in NSW you need to obtain a firearms licence. The licence requirements vary depending on the type of firearm and your reasons for wanting to own it. If you are collecting firearms in...
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