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Severity Appeals

Can I Get a Harsher Penalty if I Appeal a Decision in NSW?

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If you’re disappointed by an outcome of a criminal case in court, or you’ve received a hefty penalty notice for a traffic or minor criminal offence, you may be tempted to appeal a decision or, in the case of a...

Violet Coco Wins District Court Appeal, But NSW Police Continue to Target Climate Protesters

Violet Coco has had her 15 month prison sentence as well as her criminal conviction quashed by NSW District Court Judge Mark Williams, who yesterday allowed the climate defender’s appeal against severity and resentenced her to a 12 month conditional...

What is a Severity Appeal in New South Wales?

An elite cyclist has had his convictions overturned in the District Court of New South Wales after initially pleading guilty in the Local Court to assaulting two teenage girls following a ‘knock and run’ prank. 27-year old Dutch cyclist Mathieu...

District Court ‘Severity Appeals’ in NSW: Appeals from the Local to the District Court

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29-year old Victorian man Anthony Khallouf was arrested in Sydney just days before the planned protest in the CBD on Saturday, 24 August 2021, after travelling down from Queensland. Days before the planned gathering, Mr Khallouf uploaded a social media...

The Most Commonly Cited Case in Australia

Many cases that are decided in the higher courts become ‘precedents’, forming part of Australia’s common law. Where relevant, judges and magistrates are required take these previous decisions into account when deciding later cases. But with thousands of cases going...

Parker Warnings, Double Counting and the De Simoni Principles – Know The Law

Sentencing is a challenging exercise which tests the skills of even the most experienced criminal lawyers, magistrates and judges. And when courts are too heavy-handed, an appeal may be the best way to set things straight. The following outlines three...

Appealing a Drink Driving Sentence

It is a criminal offence to drive while under the influence of alcohol. If you have been charged with drink driving, you face a number of different penalties depending on the level of alcohol alleged to have been in your system at...

Why Choose a Specialist Appeal Lawyer?

If you have been convicted of a crime that you didn’t commit or you have been given an overly harsh sentence, you have the right to appeal to a higher court. Generally, you only get one chance to make an...
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