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Guilty Pleas

How to Write a Character Reference for Court

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
When someone close to you is pleading guilty to a criminal or traffic charge, the magistrate is permitted to take into account his or her character. In fact, evidence of good character – as well as any steps taken to...

Sydney Brothers Not Guilty of Manslaughter

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
By Ugur Nedim and Brooke Watson Our client is a 40 year old man from Greystanes in greater Western Sydney. He lived with his older brother and elderly mother until her death in September 2017. On 23 August 2017, our...

The Rules for Changing a Plea from Guilty to Not Guilty

by Paul Gregoire & Ugur Nedim
On 30 June 2004, Raymond Wong pleaded guilty before a magistrate in the Sydney Local Court to one count of committing an act of indecency, contrary to repealed section 61N of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW). At the time, Wong...

Can I Change My Plea from Guilty to Not Guilty?

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Defendants who are charged with criminal offences are often unsure as to how they should plead. This uncertainty may arise as a result of not fully understanding the essential elements (or ingredients) of the charges they are facing. They may...

Criminal Lawyers Criticise New Guilty Plea Rules

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
The NSW government is introducing strict rules relating to guilty pleas which it says will increase the likelihood of defendants pleading guilty to criminal offences. The changes, which are expected to come into effect in April 2018, are aimed at...

Defendant Appeals after Pleading Guilty Due to Incorrect Legal Advice

by Paul Gregoire & Ugur Nedim
On the afternoon of 26 May 2015, Brett Ritchie was pulled over by police as he was driving down the Oxley Highway near Wauchope. The officers then arrested him due to outstanding warrants. Whilst standing next to the car, Mr...

Can I plead guilty if I am innocent?

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Unlike in the United States, defendants in criminal cases do not have the right to a court appointed lawyer in Australia. This means people who cannot afford to pay for a private lawyer but are not eligible for legal aid...

Top Ten Tips For Representing Yourself When Pleading Guilty to Drink Driving

by Ugur Nedim
Drink driving is one of the most common criminal offences before the NSW courts. Many people charged with drink driving will wish to plead guilty and get it over with, but won’t have the financial resources to hire a lawyer....

Should I Write an Apology Letter to the Court or the Victim if I’m Pleading Guilty?

by Ugur Nedim
If you don’t have a lawyer, an apology letter to the judge or magistrate is a great place to start as you may be nervous and a letter allows you time to think about exactly what you want to say...

Can I Change My Plea? Reversing Laws NSW

by Ugur Nedim
If you are charged with a criminal offence, you will be required to indicate a plea where you state that you either accept the charges (guilty) or you wish to defend yourself against them (not guilty). A plea is usually...
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