Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 1 to 7 August 2022

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Australian Territories Could Be Given the Right to Introduce Euthanasia Laws

The Federal Government may finally allow the NT and ACT to decide whether to pass laws on the right to die.

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Calls for Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programs, As Intensive Ones Aren’t Reducing Reoffending

An intensive program has been ineffective at reducing reoffending by inmates serving less than 12 months in prison.

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The Offence of Giving False or Misleading Information to a Public Authority in NSW

A New South Wales police officer has been sentenced to imprisonment for lying during an investigation.

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Australian Imams Call Out Beijing’s Oppression of the Uyghur People

China’s incarceration of over a million Uyghur people in “re-education camps” represents “the largest scale detention of an ethnic minority since World War II”.

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Big Australian Retailers Sprung Collecting Customer’s Faceprints

Three major retailers are being investigated for potential privacy breaches over their unauthorised use of biometric data.

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“The Time Has Come for Full Disclosure”: Former Senator Rex Patrick on the Timor-Leste Files

There are calls for government to come clean about the illegal bugging of the Timor-Leste cabinet, and for those responsible to face the consequences.

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The Laws Relating to Cyber Bullying and Online Abuse in Australia

As Australia introduces a range of measures against online abuse, the Philippines proposes to go a step further.

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“Police Powers Are Bleeding Out”: Redfern Legal Centre’s Sam Lee on the Strip Search Class Action

The long-awaited strip search class action has been filed in the Supreme Court.

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UN Inspection Body Visit Should Spur Action on Detainee Abuse, Says Shoebridge

It is hoped the forthcoming inspection of Australian prisons and detention centres will trigger authorities to reduce abuses.

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How Can I Get Abusive Content Removed from the Internet?

New laws create a mechanism to complain about abusive online content and empower authorities to force internet companies to remove it.

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A Misuse of the Law to Silence Me: Vegan Activist Tash Peterson on Liquor Premises Ban

Police banned a vegan activist from licensed premises in order to silence her nonviolent protests.

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Technology May Be the Key to Predicting Crime and Efficiently Allocating Resources

An algorithm claims to accurately predict the nature and extent of crime within a two block radius.

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Public Demands Accountability for Police Officers

Taxpayers are demanding accountability for unlawful conduct by members of the force, as well as an end to cover-ups.

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