Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 18 to 24 July 2022

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

What is an Extended Supervision Order in New South Wales?

The Supreme Court ruled that a man who sexually assaulted a four-year old girl can return to live in the region of his offences, under supervision.

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Intensive Correction, Community Correction and Conditional Release Orders in NSW

Courts in New South Wales have a range of alternatives to full-time imprisonment at their disposal.

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NSW Supreme Court Challenge Could Invalidate Thousands of COVID Fines

Three plaintiffs are challenging their penalty notices on the basis they are too vague to establish a specific offence. Authorities have now backed down on one of them.

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Chomsky Issues Dire Warning that Time is Running Out

“Decisions that must be made right now will determine the course of future history, if there is to be any human history”.

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Consumer Watchdog to Investigate Claims of Anti-Competitive Conduct by Energy Companies

The ACCC will look into whether energy price increases can be fairly attributed to the reduction in supply caused by world events.

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Bail and Remand Are Being Weaponised to Stamp Out Climate Activism

“Police are weaponising the legal system to disable climate activists”.

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“Racism Writ Large”: An Interview with Close Don Dale Now’s John B Lawrence SC

The distinguished barrister has called the treatment of kids at the infamous detention centre “an absolute disgrace”, adding it “could never happen to non-Indigenous children.”

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Victorian Premier Apologises for Branch Stacking

Daniel Andrews admitted that his party corrupted the democratic process by paying for new party members with a view to influencing preselection.

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Collaery Prosecution Dropped, But Politicians Remain Unaccountable for Bugging Timor Cabinet

There are calls for those responsible for illegally bugging the Timor Leste Cabinet to be brought to account.

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NSW Police Force Vows to Bring Down Western Sydney Rappers

Police say they will flex their muscles to ensure social media platforms cease hosting music they feel incites violence.

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Overhaul of Stacked AAT Slated, in Attempt to End Canberra Cronyism

There are calls to end the practice of politicians appointing ‘personal connections and political affiliations’ to achieve favourable outcomes.

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Whistleblower Richard Boyle’s Public Interest Defence Hearing Set

The man being prosecuted for exposing corruption within the tax office will argue he acted in the public interest.

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