Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 25 to 31 July 2022

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Class Action Commenced Against Police Over Illegal Strip Searches

A class action has been launched against the NSW Police Force over the illegal strip searching of youths.

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New Bail Law Requiring Detention Upon Guilty Plea is Impossible to Apply

The law requires a court to refuse bail if a person who pleads guilty “will” be sent to prison, but this can’t be known until the sentencing proceedings.

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Law Firm Ends Relationship with Catholic Church

A Melbourne-based law firm that represented the Church for 50 years says it will no longer do so.

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Former Deputy NSW Premier Under Investigation Over Scuffle with Cameraman

John Barilaro is under investigation over a late-night altercation with a cameraman.

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Albanese’s Backdoor Diplomacy Could Spell Assange’s Death Knell

Recently obtained documents suggest our PM is negotiating for Assange to be sent to the US and and only repatriated to Australia after serving his sentence.
But the award winning journalist may not survive the ordeal.

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“Changing the National Debate”: Senator David Shoebridge on the Greens Agenda

A robust federal ICAC, whistleblower protections and youth detention reform are on the agenda.

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UN Prison Inspection Body to Visit Australia, as Nation Stumbles on OPCAT

The body will visit for the first time to determine whether our prisons are complying with human rights requirements.

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Sex Work as Work Is a Feminist Issue, Says Rights Activist Julie Bates AO

The pioneering advocate for sex worker rights provides an insight into why it’s so important to support further reform.

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The Sun Has Quietly Set on the NT Intervention, or Has It?

The neocolonial policies of welfare quarantining, land acquisition, banning alcohol and overpolicing in Indigenous communities have formally come to an end, but many of the rules continue to apply.

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Attorney General to Restore Human Rights Commission, After Coalition Destroyed It

New federal attorney general Mark Dreyfus has introduced laws to ensure appointments are “merit-based and transparent”, after years of Coalition cronyism.

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Sydney Teenagers Charged with Murder

The fatal stabbing is believed to have stemmed from an argument over a girl.

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As NYC Warns Residents to Be Prepared, Nuclear War Is Closer Than Ever Before

While the West ponders what to do about Ukraine, Putin has warned that “anyone… interfering from the outside… will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history”.

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