Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 11 to 17 March 2024

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Sydney’s 22nd Mass Palestinian Rally Foretells of a Coming Political Reckoning: In Photos

After 22 straight weeks of demonstrations against the Gaza genocide, the strength and determination of protesters shows no sign of abating.

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NSW Tibetan Community Rallies for Freedom: An Interview With Kyinzom Dhongdue

Sydneysiders took to the streets “to protest against China’s illegal occupation of Tibet: an occupation that continues to this day – a military occupation.”

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Former NSW Magistrate David Heilpern Condemns Absolute Liability Drug Driving Ruling

The court’s finding that the defence of honest mistake does not apply to unimpaired drug driving even if unimpaired, is a grave injustice.

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NSW Supreme Court Refuses to Invalidate Remaining COVID Fines

The court rejected a claim which would likely have led to the remaining 29,000 COVID fines in NSW being declared invalid.

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Cold War Implications of Dan Duggan Extradition Heat Up as Security State Closes Ranks

“What happened to the concept fair go, when ASIO is allowed to use the media to whitewash its involvement in the case behind a veil of secrecy and classified reports.”

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The Australian War on Vapes: An Absurd Rejection of a Healthier Alternative

“The crux of Australia’s vaping policy has been a failure to always seriously commit to drug policy and to practice harm reduction.”

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NSW Government’s Tough-on-Youth-Crime Package: An Exercise in Passing Regressive Laws for Optics

Despite years of committee recommendations for diversion and rehabilitation, premier Minns continues our state’s counterproductive focus on punishment.

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A Lack of AUKUS Subs May Cause Domestic Frowns, But Uncle Sam Is None Too Fazed

Our leaders continue to brown-nose the United States despite the superpower reneging on its assurances.

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Returned ‘ISIS Wife’ Pleads Guilty to Entering and Remaining in a ‘Declared Land’

The Australian citizen pleaded guilty to entering Syria to be with her husband, a suspected terrorist.

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NSW and Victorian Labor Continue to Stall on Pill Testing, Despite Yet Another Death

The major parties are more intent on continuing to flog the failed war on drugs than save young lives.

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SAMS (Special Administrative Measures): A Key Reason Assange Can’t Be Extradited

The US claims it won’t subject Julian Assange to its harshest prison conditions, but can always change its mind and many believe it’s a travesty the truth-teller is in prison at all.

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