Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 19 to 25 February 2024

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Criminal Offences of Blackmail and Extortion Across Australia

Blackmail and extortion involve the exertion of undue pressure with a view to having another engage in conduct against their otherwise free will.

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Historical Sexual Assaults: Women Cannot Be Found Guilty of Sexually Assaulting Boys

The court ruled that a female teacher charged with sexual offences against four young students could not be found guilty.

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AI Generated and Digitally-Translated Character References Aren’t Acceptable in Court

The judge made clear that translated and artificial intelligence-generated character references are not acceptable in court.

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“We Will Remain Here as Long as It Takes”: Interview With the 24/7 Gaza Picket at the PM’s Office

A pro-Palestinian camp has been set up outside Mr Albanese’s office, demanding our government address concerns about the genocide in Gaza.

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When It Comes to Kneejerk Criminal Law Enactment, Antisemitism Is the New Terrorism

The federal government’s latest excuse for exerting greater control over Australians is antisemitism.

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The Criminal Offence of Hindering an Investigation in NSW

A woman pleaded guilty for lying to police to conceal the identity of an occupant of a car suspected of being involved in a fatal collision.

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NSW Police Officer Charged Over Jai Kalani Wright’s Death in Custody

The DPP has brought criminal charges against the officer whose unmarked police car hit and killed the 16-year old.

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Government Uses ‘Robodebt Tactics’ Over Hotel Quarantine Payments

The federal government has come under fire for using extortion-like tactics to obtain payments from those forced into hotel quarantine during COVID.

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“Zionism Is a Colonial Crime”: Interview with Jews Against the Occupation 48’s Laurie Izaks MacSween

Jewish people around the world are making it clear that criticising the genocide does not equate to antisemitism.

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The Offences of Dangerous Driving and Negligent Driving in NSW

A 20-year old in an SUV was charged with dangerous driving after fatally hitting a motorcycle rider while doing a U-turn.

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Assange Appeals for His Life, Global Press Freedoms and International Justice

The award-winning Australian journalist who has been detained for 12 years for exposing the truth has his last opportunity to avert delivery to his persecutors.

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The Marrickville Declaration Asserts Civil Society Resistance to AUKUS

Over thirty groups have signed a pact to work towards bringing an end to AUKUS, and reducing our involvement in US warmongering.

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Don Dale to Be Torn Down, But Australia Continues to Lag Behind on Youth Justice Reform

While the destruction of the notorious facility has been welcomed, there are renewed calls for a greater emphasis on diverting rather than punishing youths.

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