Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 5 to 11 February 2024

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

When Can a Judicial Inquiry Be Held Into a Potential Wrongful Conviction in NSW?

There are a number of provisions that may be used to seek judicial review of a potential wrongful conviction in our state.

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Open Letter to Prime Minister Albanese on Gaza – February 2024

Australians are being called upon to support a letter urging our government to “to reverse its decision to freeze funding to the UN aid agency for Palestinians”.

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Is Entrapment a Defence to Criminal Charges in Australia?

Police encouraged an autistic 13-year-old Victorian boy to commit terrorism offences.

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Unjust Drug Driving Laws Persist, Eight Years on from Historic Ruling

Despite a historic ruling recognising that THC can remain in the system for a several days, drivers continue to be arrested for traces that aren’t enough to impair.

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Drones to ‘Manage’ Traffic on New South Wales Roads

The government says the role of drones will be limited to reporting traffic flow and collisions.

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The Offences, Defences and Penalties for Improperly Discarding a Cigarette in NSW

Throwing away a cigarette can amount to the offence of littering, aggravated littering or discarding a lighted cigarette, depending on the circumstances.

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Alabama Begins Gassing Inmates to Death, With Other US States Set to Follow

The shocking execution of Kenneth Smith exemplifies the depths to which the US has sunk when it comes to basic human rights.

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Selling Nicotine Vapes Without Prescription is a Crime in NSW

A raid on Sydney stores led to the seizure of around 30,000 vapes and could result in criminal charges.

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As Morrison Cosies Up to Former CIA Chief, It’s Clear Assange Never Stood a Chance

Our former PM will work alongside former CIA head Mike Pompeo, the man who launched the prosecution of Julian Assange.

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Mainstreaming Civil Resistance: Climate Defender Brad Homewood on Building the Movement

Covid lockdowns suppressed protests on worldwide scale, but people won’t be silenced in their beliefs and movements are gaining momentum.

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Coroner Refers Jai Wright Death in Custody to the DPP for Potential Criminal Charges

Police in an unmarked vehicle hit Jai’s trail bike “head on” during “an alleged pursuit”, fatally wounding the teen.

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Is Chris Minns Going to Ban Gay Conversion or Not? Or Is He Attempting to Do Both?

There are concerns our indecisive premier may succumb to pressure by the Christian right and renege on his election promise to ban the misconceived and harmful practise.

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‘Parens Patriae’: The Power of Courts to Make Decisions in a Child’s Best Interests

The NSW Supreme Court ordered a 17-year old to continue chemotherapy despite the refusal of her and her parents on religious grounds.

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Rules and Offences Relating to Number Plates in New South Wales

A rundown of the rules for the proper use of number plates on vehicles in our state.

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The Coronial Process in New South Wales

Magistrates are appointed as coroners to preside over hearings aimed at determining the causes and circumstances of unexplained or sudden deaths.

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Can I Get a Harsher Penalty if I Appeal a Decision in NSW?

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to appeal a court decision, or to take a fine to court.

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AFP Radicalise Troubled Autistic Child Then Charge Him With Terrorism Offences

The troubled 13-year old’s parents sought police help, but authorities instead radicalised and entrapped their boy into committing terrorism offences.

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Noise Offences Relating to Residences, Business and Vehicles in NSW

Neighbour’s parties driving you crazy? Being woken up each morning by a Harley? Here’s a rundown of the rules when it comes to excessive noise in NSW.

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