Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 29 January to 4 February 2024

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

In What Circumstances Can Police Obtain a Search Warrant in NSW?

There are strict rules about when police are legally permitted to search a person’s premises without consent.

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Unfinished Business: Invasion Day 2024 in Photos

“There is unfinished business. This is about land rights, restitution, justice and liberation”.

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World Court Rules Genocide Charge Against Israel Plausible, Yet Australia Cuts Aid to Gaza

The International Court of Justice ordered Israel to cease genocidal acts and allow aid into Gaza.

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The Offence of Unlawfully Possessing a Prescribed Restricted Substance in NSW

Possessing certain pharmaceuticals without a prescription can amount to a criminal offence.

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Speeding Offences In NSW: What Is the Speed Limit If There Are No Signs?

The Road Rules prescribe default speed limits in New South Wales, which depend on whether a road is ‘built up’.

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Melbourne Nazis Reveal Tougher Police Powers in Sydney as Officers Issue Them a Public Safety Order

Police made clear that Melbourne’s neo Nazis are not welcome to spread their division and hate in our state.

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The Rules Relating to Signalling on New South Wales Roads

Use your bloody indicator! Here’s a rundown for the rules in NSW for signaling when changing lanes, turning and braking.

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Roger Rogerson: Decorated NSW Police Officer and Cold-Blooded Killer

It is hoped the passing of the state’s most decorated former police officer will usher in a period when crime and corruption are no longer endemic in the force.

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Calls For Greater Scrutiny Of ‘Mr Big’ Police Operations in Australia

Mr Big operations involve undercover police posing as heads of organised crime groups to pressure individuals into ‘admitting’ crimes.

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What are the Rules for Learner Drivers in New South Wales?

A rundown of the rules that apply to L-Platers in our state.

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As the Genocide Continues, So Too, Do the Demonstrators on Gadigal: 16th Sydney Rally in Pics

Sydney has rallied for a sixteenth week in the wake of the International Criminal Court’s preliminary ruling on the genocide in Gaza.

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Every Police Shooting, Nothing Happens, Regardless: Darren Gilbert on the Killing of His Son

“[N]othing ever happens to the police, regardless of what happened or what they did.”

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Pleading Guilty in the NSW Local Court: Preparation, Practice and Procedure

A guide on what occurs if someone is pleading guilty, as well as the material that should be prepared for court.

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Are ‘Pretext Calls’ Admissible in Sexual Assault Cases?

The jury in the sexual assault trial of former Wallaby Kurtley Beale heard a call during which the complainant attempted to elicit an admission.

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“Under Threat of Police Brutality”: An Interview with the Port Melbourne ZIM Ship Community Picket

Police officers used heavy-handed tactics against pro-Palestinian protesters in Melbourne.

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ACT to Protect the Right to a Healthy Environment, Due to Climate, Pollution and Biodiversity Loss

“Incorporating the right to a healthy environment will ensure that environmental and climate impacts are given proper consideration.”

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What Happens If I Breach Bail in New South Wales?

A Sydney real estate agent was arrested and brought before court after attacking two women with a samurai sword while on bail.

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Shoebridge Confirms Arms to Israel, Despite Wong’s Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” Approach

The federal government’s denial of having exported weapons to Israel is being called into question.

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Producing Child Abuse Material Using AI Can Amount to a Criminal Offence

Channel 9 made international headlines this week after publishing an AI-generated image.

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What Happens if I Breach an Apprehended Violence Order in New South Wales?

A Tasmanian Supreme Court Judge is facing court in Sydney for allegedly contravening his AVO.

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