Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 12 to 18 June 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

UK Rejects Assange’s Appeal Against Extradition, Despite Global Campaign for Freedom

The court rejected his appeal against extradition, despite mounting calls for his freedom and our PM stating once again that “enough is enough”.

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What Conduct Amounts to ‘Dangerous Driving’ in New South Wales?

Police will allege that speed was a factor in the weekend’s horror bus crash in the Hunter Valley.

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Defendant Found Not Guilty of Drug Charges as Search of Vehicle Was Illegal

The case was thrown out of court as the search which led to the discovery of drugs, cash and phones was unlawful.

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What Will a Court Consider When Determining Bail in NSW?

A bus driver accused of causing the deaths of 10 people by driving dangerously has been granted strict conditional bail.

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What Is a ‘Concerns Notice’ Under Defamation Laws in New South Wales?

The federal minister who called Brittany Higgins a ‘lying cow’ is now looking to sue another minister for defamation.

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NSW Police Force is Brutalising Citizens Without Sufficient Records, Let Alone Accountability

The NSW Police Force has failed to keep proper records of the number and nature of incidents involving excessive force.

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NSW Police Officers Under Investigation for Assaulting NRL Player

The officers held and punched the player several times in the face before falsely claiming he had assaulted them.

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Medicare Denial Sees Correctives Systems Destroy Prisoner Health to the Detriment of All

The denial of proper healthcare to prison inmates affects not just them and their loved-ones, but also the wider community.

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Morrison Government Engaged in Pork Barrelling on Monumental Scale, Audit Office Finds

The government “deliberate[ley] breach[ed.. legal requirements’ by distributing the $2 billion health fund based on political gain rather than on merit.

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Weak Integrity Laws Ensure Albanese, Just Like Morrison, Prioritises Corporate Want

The federal government’s new regulations do little to prevent politicians from prioritising the interests of big corporations over those of the public.

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Can Anyone Own a Poker Machine in New South Wales?

Want a second-hand pokie for your man cave or an old one arm bandit for the trophy room?

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