Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 29 May to 4 June 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Truck Driver Found Not Guilty of Attempting to Possess 400kg of Unlawfully Imported Cocaine

The prosecution was unable to prove he knew or was reckless to the fact his trip was to collect the drugs.

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Disruptive Protest Is Necessary, Says Extinction Rebellion, as SA Antiprotest Regime Likely to Pass

The SA government’s move to enact antiprotest laws similar to those in NSW continues our nation’s decline towards authoritarianism.

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In What Circumstances Can NSW Police Officers Discharge Tasers?

The lethal tasering of a 95-year old woman has raised discussion about the situations in which police officers are legally permitted to use tasers.

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NSW Has a Police Problem, Says Higginson, “Use of Excessive Force and Misconduct are Systemic”

The recent lethal tasering of a 95-year old great-grandmother highlights how readily our police officers are prepared to use excessive force.

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Bruce Lehrmann Settles Defamation Case Against News Life Media

A company owned by News Corp has agreed to pay part of Mr Lehrmann’s legal costs in exchange for the proceedings being discontinued.

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What Amounts to a ‘Large Commercial Quantity’ of Prohibited Drugs in New South Wales?

Police have charged a man with large commercial drug supply after 120kg of cocaine was found in a shipping container.

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The PwC Scandal Exemplifies How the System Favours Corporates Over Citizens

The man who exposed illegal conduct by the ATO is being prosecuted, while those responsible for PwC’s appalling breach of trust are unlikely to face such consequences.

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Psychic Scams Can Constitute the Criminal Offence of Fraud

Psychic scams are on the rise across the nation, but those who engage in such conduct should be aware it can amount to a crime.

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Ben Roberts-Smith: Bully, Liar, War Criminal

The court found the media was truthful in describing Australia’s most decorated living soldier as a war criminal.

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Airbags That Kill: Can Manufacturers Be Found Guilty of a Criminal Offence?

Several fatalities due to exploding airbags raises the question of whether manufacturers could be guilty of criminal negligence or manslaughter.

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Albanese Has Agreed to Australia Being Designated a US Domestic Military Source in Law

Our PM has notched up his pandering to the US, further affecting our regional economic and security interests.

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UK Police Officer Stood Down for Pointing Taser at Elderly Woman

While our officers regularly shoot tasers at the mentally ill, elderly and kids, a British officer has been suspended for pointing one at a restrained elderly woman.

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Minns Hangs Pork Barrelling Window Dressing, as Boyd Says the Public Wants Real Reform

The new laws are so weak that the practice of using taxpayer funds to win votes rather than where they’re most needed will continue.

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The Law, Penalties and Defences for Making Bomb Threats in Australia

The state’s busiest courthouse was evacuated on Friday after a man walked in and claimed to have a bomb.

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Former NSW Police Officer On Trial for Multiple Counts of Child Sexual Assault

He is accused of having sexual intercourse with a child on multiple occasions in his police car and at the police station.

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