Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 15 to 21 November 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

The Offence of Police Neglect of Duty in New South Wales

A NSW police officer was fined when two deaths followed her failure to properly record or investigate a domestic violence complaint.

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‘Zoe’s Law’ Introduced to New South Wales Parliament

The law would separately punish criminal acts which result in harm to, or the death of, an unborn child.

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NSW Law Society and Bar Association tell Police Minister to Stop Spreading Misinformation about Bail

Crime has been in decline for decades while the prison population has exploded, yet the police minister in cahoots with radio shocks wants already-tough bail laws to be further tightened.

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Pfizer Faces Fresh Allegations of Falsifying COVID-19 Vaccine Data

The pharmaceutical giant with an appalling record is facing fresh allegations of misconduct, including falsifying data from its COVID-19 vaccine trials.

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Dutton Confirms Blindly Following the US into a “Devastating” War With China

The defence minister is intent on continuing to be patsy a of the United States when it comes to foreign policy.

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Animal Justice Party Tables Laws to Prevent Convenience Killings of Dogs

Bourke Shire Council’s decision to kill 15 dogs over COVID concerns has led to the introduction of new laws to prevent a reoccurrence.

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Hazzard Seeks to Extend His Pandemic Powers Until 2023

The health minister has been accused of overreach for seeking to extend his emergency powers for another two years.

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Prime Time for a Federal Bill of Rights: NSWCCL’s Pauline Wright on Protecting Freedoms

The focus needs to be on introducing an entrenched national Bill of Rights, rather than running futile legal proceedings under the current regime.

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Litigating Against Police Misconduct: An Interview With ISUEPOLICE’s Luke Brett Moore

A service has been established to help victims of police abuse get the compensation they deserve.

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Class Action Launched Over Illegal Strip Searches

A class action lawsuit is being commenced against the NSW Police Force on behalf of those who have been illegally strip searched.

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NSW Parliament to Consider Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility to 14

A bill has been introduced to parliament which would mean that children as young as 10 could no longer be locked up.

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National Security Law Permitting the Secret Trial of Witness J Is Under Scrutiny

Laws which empower the Australian government to prosecute those who expose its crime and corruption and being reviewed.

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Morrison’s Voter Suppression Laws Will Provoke US-Style Electoral Paranoia

The Coalition is passing a raft of voting laws which have the potential to skew election results in its favour.

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Queensland Border Bureaucracy Endangers Injured Woman

An injured woman released from hospital was forced to walk home across the Queensland border disoriented and in pain, due to absurd border rules.

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