Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 15 to 21 January 2024

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Pro-Palestinians Praise South Africa as Sydney Rallies for the 14th Week: In Photos

Sydneysiders continued to rally against the genocide in Gaza and in support of South Africa’s proceedings in the International Criminal Court.

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Albanese Involves Australia in Yet Another Military Attack on a Foreign Nation

Our PM has involved Australia in a military attack in Yemen, without holding a cabinet meeting or informing the public.

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How Can I Check if I Have a Criminal Record?

Most criminal convictions are deleted after 10 years, and an online check will disclose any still recorded.

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The Offence of Engaging in Legal Practice Without Being Admitted as a Lawyer

A Sydney man who represented clients in criminal cases without having been admitted as a lawyer has been sentenced in court.

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Dan Duggan Won’t Be Released During US Attempts to Extradite Him, Despite Not Having Been Charged

“For the first eight months of his incarceration, [the Australian Citizen] was not even allowed outside to exercise and was not made aware of the allegations against him for more than 60 days”.

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“Uncle Rob is Right. Israel, Australia: What is the Difference?”: Senator Lidia Thorpe on Gaza

“It’s a live genocide in front of the world’s eyes… and it doesn’t seem like too many governments… in particular ours, are doing much about it at this point in time.”

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March on Invasion Day for First Nations Justice: An Interview With Dunghutti Activist Paul Silva

The Invasion Day protest will take place next week in the context of our nation’s continued disregard for human rights, culminating in the enabling of genocide.

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How to Deposit Bail Money in New South Wales

A common condition of bail is that an acceptable person, also known as a surety, deposits money, known as security, to the court registry.

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How To Get Out Of a Paying a Parking Fine in New South Wales

Requesting a review or electing to take the matter to court to challenge or request leniency are some of the ways to overcome a parking fine.

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Can Police Track Your Location From a Phone Call? Phone Tracking and Tracing in Australia

There are strict rules regarding when and how police can lawfully access, track and trace phone data in Australia.

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Is Vaping a Criminal Offence in New South Wales?

With Australian governments cracking down on vapes, it’s important to know the rules.

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The Rules Relating to Police Interviews in New South Wales

An arrested person has the right to refuse being interviewed and should almost always exercise that right.

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The Majors to Crackdown on Internet Freedoms, as Mainstream Disinformation Peaks

There’s bipartisan support for laws which claim to be intended to reduce false information, but there are concerns they are more about restricting free speech.

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What are Squatters’ Rights? The Law on ‘Adverse Possession’ in Australia

A person who lives continuously in another’s vacant or abandoned premises may eventually claim ownership.

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