Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 8 to 14 January 2024

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

‘Safe Drivers’ Will Soon Have One Demerit Point Erased

Those who have not committed a traffic offence over the past year will get one demerit point back on 17 January.

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Disrupt Burrup Hub Advisor Criticised for Media Prowess: Interview with Jesse Noakes

Rather than focus on concerns about police forcing the ABC to disclose its sources, the Murdoch media has instead published a sensationalised report on an activist.

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How To Get an Apprehended Violence Order Dismissed in NSW

The applicant bears the onus of proving a reasonable and actual fear, and that an AVO is warranted in the circumstances.

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The Unreported Sea of Pro-Palestinian Humanity Continues to March on Sydney: 13th Week in Photos

Sydneysiders continue to protest the indiscriminate massacres being perpetrated by the state of Israel.

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“A Slow Burn Ethnic Cleanse”: APAN’s Nasser Mashni on the South African ICJ Genocide Case

There are calls for Australia to support South Africa’s application to recognise the self-evident: that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians.

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“Hospitals Are Not Targets”: Sydney Healthcare Workers Continue to Call for Gaza Ceasefire

Sydney healthcare workers are part of a global movement calling for an end to the genocide currently taking place in Gaza.

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Bromley Versus the King: Australia’s Worst Miscarriage of Justice Continues

The High Court’s refusal to hear an appeal against a conviction based on tenuous evidence highlights the desperate need for a criminal cases review committee.

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Melbourne Mass Drug Overdose Provides the “Mandate” to Rollout Pill Testing

“Year after year, young people die or suffer serious harm at music festivals and drug checking will help to minimise this.”

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What Are the Penalties and Valid Reasons for Not Voting in Australia?

Australia is one of only 23 nations where it is compulsory to vote, and one of only a few that fine or prosecute those who choose not to.

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How to Write a Character Reference to the Court

A law student who presented himself to be an admitted lawyer with a practising certificate pleaded guilty and established he was otherwise of good character.

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‘Fake Lawyer’ Shot Dead by New South Wales Police

A man previously convicted of falsely presenting himself to be a lawyer was killed in a hail of police bullets after a tense stand-off.

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How To Get Off A Mobile Phone Offence in New South Wales

Requesting a review, putting the prosecution to proof and relying on a statutory or general legal defence are some of the ways to overcome allegations of a mobile phone offence.

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How To Have Charges Dropped Before A Defended Hearing or Jury Trial

Written ‘representations’ to the prosecution followed by a case conference will often result in charges being withdrawn, rather than proceeding to hearing or trial.

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Participants in the Nation’s Largest Civil Disobedience Action for Climate Get Off Lightly

The Magistrate before whom dozens of climate defenders came recognised the importance of protest in a democratic society.

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Unlawful Strip Search Class Action Will Proceed, Despite NSW Government’s Attempt to Stop It

The Supreme Court ruled that a class action against illegal strip searches will go ahead, despite the government trying to stop it.

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How to Surrender Yourself to Police in New South Wales

There are a number of key factors to consider when determining whether, when, where and how to turn yourself in to police.

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