Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 2 to 8 March 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

What is a Royal Commission in Australia?

We often hear the term ‘Royal Commission’. But what are their purposes? How do they work? And what powers do they have?

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NSW Still Forces Trans People to Undergo Surgery for Legal Recognition

Our state requires trans people to undergo gender reassignment surgery to seek legal recognition of their gender identity.

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Does Your Boss Remind You of Hitler?

The Fair Work Commission reinstated an employee after he was sacked for creating a meme that compared his employer to Adolf Hitler.

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Intercepting the Liberals’ Mardi Gras Float: An Interview With the Department of Homo Affairs

NSW Police arrested three members of a protest group when they tried to turn back an unauthorised Liberal party float at this year’s Mardi Gras.

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Police Prosecutors’ Duty of Disclosure in NSW Local Courts

The duty to serve all relevant materials on the defence applies to DPP solicitors as well as investigating police and police prosecutors.

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Dutton Plans to Set Our International Spy Agency Upon Citizens

The government proposes to turn Australia’s international spy agency on its own people.

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Police Accused of Lying About Use of ‘Ineffective’ Facial Recognition Software

Leaked documents suggest that contrary to their claims, police are indeed using controversial Clearview AI software on citizens.

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Sports Rorts Scandal: A Coalition ‘Slush Fund’

As our PM continues to deny that sports grants were allocated to secure votes in marginal seats rather than based on merit, more than 130 senior staff emails have come to light which suggest just that.

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“Julian Did Redact”: An Interview With Lawyer-Journalist Mark Davis

Australian journalist Mark Davis was present when Assange was releasing the Afghan War Logs and refutes claims the WikiLeaks founder neglected to redact names.

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Downing Centre District Court to Deliver Justice Over Tragic Hospital Mix-Up

A baby died and another was permanently brain damaged after being given nitrous oxide instead of oxygen.

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A “21st Century Holocaust”: An Interview With Uyghur Activist Talgat Abbas

“The Chinese government has a policy of punishing and persecuting our people”.

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Ice Inquiry Makes Recommendations, But Government Has Its Head in the Sand

The NSW ice inquiry has made 109 recommendations for drug reform, but the government wont be following several of them, including pill testing and getting rid of sniffer dogs.

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“Built Upon Our Genocide”: An Interview With Wreck the Endeavour’s Lorna Munro

Wreck the Endeavour is campaigning against a replica of Captain Cook’s ship circumnavigating the country, as it celebrates the dispossession of First Nations people.

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What is the Law on Defamation in NSW?

Has someone said something nasty about you on social media?

Learn about the law on defamation and the available defences here:

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Good People Break Bad Laws: Animal Rights Activists

Our governments have been passing laws to silence those who seek to expose animal cruelty.

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