Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 17 to 23 February 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

‘Sports Rorts’ Scandal: 43% of Grants Were Ineligible

The sports grants program has been labelled a ‘virtual slush fund’ for the Coalition’s re-election efforts, overlooking projects approved by an independent panel in favour of splashing cash in marginal seats.

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Australian-Born Infants in Offshore Detention: An Interview With Biloela Advocate Angela Fredericks

A family of asylum seekers with two Australian-born infants is being held on Christmas Island, where hundreds are being quarantined over fears of coronavirus.

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Fossil Fuel Companies Dominate ‘Top Tax Dodgers’ List

Fossil fuel companies receive billions of dollars per year in government subsidies yet pay very little tax, as everyday Aussies foot the bill for the economy.

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The ‘Sports Rorts’ Scandal: Buying Votes in Targeted Electorates

Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars were allocated based on politics rather than merit.

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Public Demands Cannabis Legalisation, But Government and Big Pharma Have Other Ideas

Medicinal cannabis products are expensive, difficult to access and no substitute for the real thing.

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First Nations People Cannot Be Deported as Aliens, High Court Rules

The majority ruled that First Nations people can’t be deported even if they’re noncitizens, as their connection to country prohibits this.

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Police Surveillance Policy Targets First Nations Youth

The NSW police watchdog found that a secretive surveillance list has been targeting First Nations youth.

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Police Misconduct Is Costing Taxpayers Millions Every Year

Police misconduct has cost New South Wales taxpayers $238 million since 2016.

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Coronavirus: A Convenient Distraction From the Real Issues

For the government, the coronavirus has served as a welcome distraction from more pressing issues facing the nation.

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Bail Laws in New South Wales: Should They Be Softened or Hardened?

The case of a truck driver who allegedly sexually assaulted a 13-year old girl while on bail has reignited debate about the presumption of innocence vs public safety.

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ABC Loses Legal Challenge Against Police Raids

In a huge blow to press freedom, the ABC has lost its legal challenge against the raids on its Sydney newsroom.

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Who Can See My Criminal Record?

Certain jobs and visas require a criminal record check or working with children check.

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In Solidarity With Julian: An Interview With People for Assange’s Michelle Wood

Citizens across the world stand in solidarity with Julian Assange as his extradition hearing is set to commence.

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New South Wales: The Strip Search State

The NSW Police Force requires officers to conduct almost a quarter of a million personal searches every year.

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More Than 80% of Strip Searches Turn Up Nothing

NSW police continue their policy of unjustifiably humiliating innocent people.

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“A Potential Discrimination Act”: An Interview With Former High Court Justice Michael Kirby

Former High Court Justice Michael Kirby has called on lawyers to speak out about the implications of the Religious Discrimination Bill.

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