Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 20 to 26 August 2018

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

NAB Executives May Face Criminal Prosecution

One executive claimed she was not aware that charging for services never provided could amount to fraud.

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Danish Women Defy Burqa Ban

Hundreds of Danish women have protested against the country’s burqa ban, saying they should be allowed to wear what they like and that the prohibition will cause many to stay inside their homes.

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Sydney Lawyer Struck Off for Making False Declarations Regarding Driving Offences

The lawyer helped clients to fraudulently beat traffic tickets.

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NSW Judge Expresses Concerns about Adequacy of Defendants’ Meals

A 30 gram pack of cereal isn’t even enough to feed a child.

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Australian Politician Calls for a Final Solution to the Muslim Problem

Fraser Anning’s statement that a “final solution” is needed to address the issue of Muslim immigration has trigger widespread criticism.

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Peter as PM: What Would it Mean for Australia?

In the wake of his first leadership challenge, we take a look at Peter Dutton’s attacks on personal freedoms, the rule of law and the separation of powers.

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Government Promises Not to Abuse its New Powers

Attorney-General Christian Porter says it’s “almost inconceivable” the government will misuse its proposed new powers to call on the military to stop domestic threats.

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Should Conjugal Visits Be Allowed in Australian Prisons?

Allowing intimate visits can reduce tensions and lower the incidence of sexual assaults and other forms of violence behind prison walls.

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Should Players Face Charges for On-Field Assaults?

The recent ‘king hit’ by AFL player Andrew Gaff has triggered debate about whether sportspeople should face assault charges for acts of violence that are outside the rules.

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Betrayed Domestic Violence Victim Sues Police

A woman whose address was disclosed by a policeman to his ‘mate’ – the woman’s abusive ex-partner – is suing the government.

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Wolf Creek Star Charged with Sexual Assault

Australian actor John Jarrett has been charged with sexually assaulting a housemate more than 40 years ago

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Ongoing Encroachments Upon Privacy: An Interview With APF’s David Vaile

The Chair of the Australian Privacy Foundation explains the implications of the My Health Record scheme, the new laws that allow police to monitor citizens’ inboxes and the government’s systematic removal of protections.

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