Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 25 November to 1 December 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

The Law and Penalties for Leaving Children Unattended in Vehicles

A 27-year old mother has been charged with murder after allegedly leaving her one and two-year old daughters to die in a hot car.

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Police Commissioner’s Flawed Justification for Mass Strip Searches

Rather than directing his officers to comply with the law, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has sought to justify the wholesale illegal use of the degrading procedure.

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A Drug Dog Indication Isn’t Sufficient to Justify a Search

A positive indication by a drug detection dog is not enough, by itself, to justify a search.

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How Can I Get a Pro Bono Lawyer in New South Wales?

There are several programs which assist those who are ineligible for legal aid but can’t afford a private lawyer, to obtain legal assistance.

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NSW Police Can Criminally Prosecute Citizens Without Providing Evidence

There are many offences in New South Wales for which police are not required to serve statements on the defence before a contested hearing.

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Channel Nine Ordered to Pay Millions for Defaming Family

The court found that 60 Minutes falsely accused an Aussie family of causing 12 deaths.

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Israel Folau’s Multi-Million Dollar Claim Against Rugby Australia – Baseless, Fair or Excessive?

Australians are polarised on whether the former rugby star’s claim has merit and, if so, whether the $14 million he is now claiming is excessive.

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Ongoing Drug Supply Charges Can Remain in the Local Court

The offence of ongoing drug supply will soon be capable of being finalised in the local court.

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Alan Jones Ordered to Pay for “Vicious and Spiteful” Attack on Aussie Family

The family who were recently awarded millions after being defamed by Channel Nine, were previously awarded a similar sum for being repeatedly attacked by radio shock-jock Alan Jones.

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Westpac Accused of Enabling Child Sex Trafficking

The bank committed over 20 million offences, potentially helping organised criminals, terrorists and child traffickers launder their money.

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The “Kids for Cash” System: An Interview With Social Justice Warrior Paul Robert Burton

Paul Robert Burton is challenging a child welfare system he believes unjustly suppresses the facts and has corrupt intentions.

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Trump’s Comments Hamper Efforts Towards Peace in the Middle East

The President’s assertion that Israeli settlements in the West Bank aren’t illegal has made it more difficult to pursue a peaceful resolution.

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No Right to Know: Government is Secretly Prosecuting Australian Citizens

Former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Whealy asked, “Are we now a totalitarian state where people are prosecuted, convicted and shunted off to prison without they or the public having any notion as to what has happened?”.

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Robodebt is ‘Unlawful’, Federal Court rules

The court ordered the government to pay the legal costs of a social security recipient who was unlawfully issued with a debt notice.

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Suspicious Circumstances: Injustice Served at the David Dungay Inquest

The six men who held Mr Dungay face down on a bed as he yelled 12 times that he couldn’t breathe before suffocating to death, are likely to avoid disciplinary action.

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