Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 21 to 27 October 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Mainstream Media Finally Stands Up!

The recent AFP raids have led to the mainstream media speaking out against years of laws which criminalise those who are critical of the government and its departments.

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Police Officer Reinstated After Failing Drug Test

A NSW police officer was reinstated after failing a random workplace drug test.

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Justice for Mhelody: An Interview With Migrante Australia’s Lina Cabaero

This Thursday’s rally will demand justice over the death of trans woman Mhelody Polan Bruno.

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Commonwealth Bank to be Criminally Prosecuted

Banking executives could face prison sentences over their alleged misconduct.

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Taxpayers Spend $30 Million to Keep One Family in Detention

Taxpayers are footing the multi-million dollar bill to keep a single family locked up in Christmas Island detention centre.

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A Vote for Diversity: An Interview With Law Society Council Candidate Angelo Bilias

We would like to congratulate Angelo Bilias on his appointment to the Law Society Council.

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The Law, Defences and Penalties for Assaulting Police Officers in NSW

Four people are facing court over claims they attacked five police officers who were assisting security guards outside a Sydney hotel.

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Investigation Into Crown Resorts and Home Affairs Heats Up

The federal watchdog will hold hearings to determine whether interactions between Crown Resorts and the Home Affairs Department amount to corruption.

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NSW Police Are Illegally Strip-Searching Children

A 16-year old girl told the inquiry, “I could not stop crying; I was completely humiliated… I was absolutely shocked that the police would do this to me.”

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NSW Police May be Bugging the Phones of Criminal Defence Lawyers

Police may be ignoring the fundamental democratic right of clients to freely communicate with their lawyers.

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Ditch the Dogs: An Interview With Sniff Off’s David Shoebridge

The inquiry found that the presence of sniffer dogs at festivals leads to dangerous and potentially deadly drug-taking practices.

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Trade Agreements Pre-empt Dissent: An Interview With AFTINET’s Dr Patricia Ranald

Trade agreements often contain provisions enabling foreign companies to sue governments they enter contracts with, even if the companies fail to comply with land rights laws.

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Can Police Search Through Your Mobile Phone?

An outline of the rules when it comes to police taking and searching through your mobile phone.

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Is It Legal to Film Police in NSW?

An outline of the law when it comes to filming police in New South Wales.

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Rising Global Protests: A Loosely Linked Call for System Change

Many of the protests occurring around the globe relate to common causes.

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